Classification Research Group

Mission and News

The efforts of the group are directed in two directions : classification and data mining. The classification effort focusses on both methodological research and particularly novel, non-standard applications. Our work in classification has significant overlap with other areas, including machine learning and pattern recognition, so that our publications appear in a wide literature. We are currently concerned particularly with applications in bioinformatics and retail financial services.

Our data mining effort has become focussed primarily on the emergent areas of pattern discovery and detection and streaming data analysis. The group has been applying these tools in several areas, including retail credit, student fraud, sensor networks, bioinformatics and pharmacovigilance.


Niall Adams was co-chair of the program committee, and co-organiser for IDA 2010, a special extra meeting in the IDA cycle. Other members of the group served serving on the programme committee.

Christoforos Anagnostopoulos started a fellowship at the Statslab, Cambridge, and successfully defended his thesis in April 2010.

Niall Adams gave an an invited talk at the German Classification Society conference.

David Hand gave a keynote address at COMPSTAT2010.

Niall Adams gave an invited talk at COMPSTAT2010.



METACLASS is part of the work conducted by Adrien Jamain during his PhD at Imperial. A
summary is available, and more details are here.
Adrien's project on Benford's law is also available.


Please contact Niall Adams for more information.