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Matteo Tanzi

PhD Student


Room: 759 Huxley Building

About Me

I am a PhD candidate in the Mathematics Department at Imperial College doing my research under the supervision of Sebastian van Strien and Tiago Pereira (ICMC, USP).

Before arriving at Imperial, I studied Physics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore. There I worked under the supervision of Stefano Marmi and David Sauzin on hamiltonian systems and canonical perturbation theory (BSc thesis), and under the supervision of Stefano Marmi and Sylvain Arlot (Ecole Normale Supérieur) on denoising and parameter estimation for nonlinear dynamical systems (MSc thesis).

Here is my full CV.

Current Research Interests

My main area of research is dynamical systems and ergodic theory and I have an interest in most questions and techniques that combine dynamical systems, probability and stochastic analysis. For example questions concerning:
  • stochastic stability of ergodic systems,
  • convergence of deterministic processes to purely stochastic variables,
  • hitting and return time statistics,
  • random dynamical systems.
In recent years I have focused on the description of chaotic systems coupled in heterogeneous random networks. Related topics are:
  • statistical properties of high-dimensional systems,
  • transfer operator techniques and spectral stability,
  • dynamics of networks and random graphs.


  • 'Robustness of Ergodic Properties under Composition of Non-Autonomously Perturbed Piecewise Expanding Maps ', (joint with Tiago Pereira and Sebastian van Strien). Accepted for publication Ergodic Theorey and Dynamical Systems. preprint.
  • 'Mean Field Reduction for Expanding Maps Coupled in Heterogeneous Networks', in preparation.
  • 'Stochastic Stability of Marginals in Heterogeneously Coupled Maps via Disintegration', in preparation.


  • Imperial College Scholarship Scheme (2013-present).
  • Scholarship at Scuola Normale Superiore: Allievo Ordinario Classe di Scienze (2008-2013).