Southern Bifurcation Theory Group
Mechanics and Symmetry in Europe (MASIE) - UK

Series of seminars, supported by the London Mathematical Society

Homoclinics and Heteroclinics

Wednesday 6 December 2000, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College, London
organizer: Jeroen Lamb


All talks will be held in Room 341, Huxley Building, Imperial College
180 Queen's Gate, London SW7 2BZ

10:15 Welcome Coffee

10:45 Ale Jan Homburg (Amsterdam) and Bart Oldeman (Bristol) Homoclinic doubling cascades

11:45 Short coffee/tea break

12:00 Arjen Doelman (Amsterdam) Homoclinic and nearly-homoclinic solutions of systems of reaction-diffusion equations

12:45 Lunch break

14:15 Vassilis Rothos (Loughborough) Hamiltonian Chaos in Nonlinear Lattices

15:00 Sergey Gonchenko (Nizhny Novgorod) On the structure of homoclinic bifurcations of two-dimensional area-preserving maps

15:45 Refreshments

16:15 Arnd Scheel (Berlin) Stability of solitary waves in capillary-gravity surface waves

17:00 End
Some funds are available to support participation of postgraduate students and young postdoctoral researchers. Everyone is welcome to attend.