London Dynamical Systems Group

Graduate School 2005-2006 (poster)

Participation is free. The courses are directed at graduate students of all levels and have no non-standard pre-requisites. Applications should be made for each course separately, at least one month in advance. For instructions, follow the appropriate links below. For other enquiries, please contact Jeroen Lamb ( Unfortunately, there are no opportunities to apply for financial support. For information on accomodation see London accomodation and Guildford accomodation.


Autumn term: (poster)


Bifurcation Theory

24-28 October 2005

Imperial College London

Organiser: Jeroen Lamb  


Homoclinic bifurcation

Ale Jan Homburg, University of Amsterdam

Local bifurcation

Jeroen Lamb, Imperial College London

Numerical bifurcation analysis with AUTO

Jan Sieber, University of Bristol

Thomas Wagenknecht, University of Bristol


Real and Complex Dynamics

7-11 November 2005

Imperial College London

Organiser: Stefano Luzzatto


One-dimensional real dynamics

Henk Bruin, University of Surrey

One-dimensional complex dynamics

Shaun Bullett, Queen Mary University of London

Topological dynamics and ergodic theory

Stefano Luzzatto, Imperial College London


Spring term: (poster)


Nonlinear Waves in PDEs [Apply]

9-13 January 2006

University of Surrey

Organiser: Björn Sandstede


Differential forms in dynamical systems and pattern formation

Tom Bridges, University of Surrey

Nonlinear waves in Hamiltonian systems

Gianne Derks, University of Surrey

Pattern formation

Björn Sandstede, University of Surrey


Geometry, Dynamics and Fluids [Apply]

27-31 March 2006

University of Surrey

Organiser: Mark Roberts


Geometrical fluid mechanics

Darryl Holm, Imperial College London

Dynamics from geometry

Mark Roberts, University of Surrey

Kähler geometry in fluids

Ian Roulstone, University of Surrey

Duality and geometry in mechanics

Mike Sewell, University of Reading




The London Dynamical Systems Group (LDSG) is an initiative of the dynamical systems groups at Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, University College London and the University of Surrey. Apart from the graduate school, LDSG organizes a series of meetings supported by the London Mathematical Society (LMS).

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