I am a Lecturer in the Statistics Section of the Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London. I also hold an EPSRC research Fellowship until January 2020.

I am interested in statistical theory and methodology motivated primarily by scientific applications.

Email: h.battey@imperial.ac.uk

Biographical outline

2008-2011: PhD student, University of Cambridge, UK
2011-2014: Brunel Fellow in Statistics, University of Bristol, UK, and
2013: Visiting Research Fellow, Princeton University, USA
2014-2016: Research Fellow, Princeton University, USA
2016-present: Lecturer, Imperial College London, UK


Marco Avella Medina (MIT)
Nicholas Beale (Sciteb)
David R. Cox (Oxford)
Jianqing Fan (Princeton)
Qiang Feng (Beijing)
Quefeng Li (UNC Chapel Hill)
Oliver Linton (Cambridge)
Han Liu (Princeton)
Junwei Lu (Princeton)
Robert M. May (Oxford)
Alicia Nieto-Reyes (Cantabria)
Martin A. Nowak (Harvard)
David G. Rand (Yale)
Alessio Sancetta (Royal Holloway)
Richard J. Smith (Cambridge)
Ziwei Zhu (Princeton)


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