Welcome to Big Data Mining 2013!


We are experiencing a data revolution in both sciences and industry. This is in part the result of cheaper data capture and storage technology, but it is also the culmination of a cultural transformation in the commercial world, whereby data are now viewed as a source of actionable insights, much like in the sciences.

Largely the focus of the Big Data revolution has until recently been on infrastructural developments, such as the Apache Hadoop project. And yet, the availability of Big Data can be little more than a lost opportunity without respectively powerful analytics. The statistics and machine learning communities have risen to this challenge, with a growing part of their respective literature dedicated to the challenges posed by Big Data, popularly known as the four "V"s: enabling scalability with respect to Velocity and Volume, as well as analysing data of a Variety of types, including altogether novel types (e.g., network data) - while ensuring Veracity of insights through adopting the use of principled statistical methods. And yet, integration of cutting edge statistical methodology with the latest infrastructural technologies has been less forthcoming in practise.

This workshop aims to help bridge that perceived gap, by bringing together world-renowned academic experts on Big Data, with representatives from innovative companies that have embraced Big Data in practise.

The workshop is sponsored by the EPSRC, Royal Statistical Society and Mentat Innovations. RSSMentat