Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Department of Biomedical Engineering, King's College London
giovanni dot montana [at] kcl dot ac dot uk

Visiting Professor of Statistics
Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London
g dot montana [at] imperial dot ac dot uk

Research interests

Recent events

Research group

  • PhD students:
    • Michelle Krishnan (KCL)
    • Alexandre de Brebisson (ICL)
    • Petros-Pavlos Ypsilantis (KCL)
    • Zhana Kuncheva (ICL)
    • Dimosthenis Tsagkrasoulis (ICL)
    • Ricardo Monti (ICL)
    • Zi Wang (ICL)
  • Research associates:
    • Ai Chung (KCL)
    • Rudra Poudel (KCL)
  • Alumni:
    • Ryan Ruan ICL) - PhD Student
    • Chris Minas (IC) - PhD Student
    • Rene Gausoin (IC) - Research Associate
    • Peter Nash - Research Associate
    • Anand Pandit - PhD Student
    • Chris Minas - PhD Student
    • Matt Silver - PhD Student
    • Orlando Dohering - MPhil Student
    • Yue Wang - Visiting PhD Student (NUS)
    • Maria Vounou - PhD Student, EPSRC and GSK Clinical Imaging Center
    • Maurice Berk - PhD Student, Wellcome Trust
    • Brian McWilliams - PhD Student, EPSRC
    • Alberto Cozzini - PhD Student, AHL / Man Group
    • Theo Tsagaris - PhD Student, Bluecrest Capital
    • Mansour Sharabiani - Research Associate, NIHR
    • Becky Inkster - Research Associate, VIP award
    • Eva Jasounova - Academic Visitor, Leonardo da Vinci award
    • Francesco Parrella - Academic Visitor, Leonardo da Vinci award

    Preprints and selected publications

    • Payan A. and Montana G. (2015) Predicting Alzheimer’s disease: a neuroimaging study with 3D convolutional neural networks. ICPRAM 2015, to appear.
    • Janousova E. et al (2014) Mapping of cognitive processes on subcortical volumes, cortical thickness and area patterns shows no significant associations. Preprint
    • Wang Z. and Montana G. (2014) The graph-guided group lasso for genome-wide association studies. In "Regularization, Optimization, Kernels, and Support Vector Machines", Johan A.K. Suykens et al (Editors). In press
    • Ruan D., Young A., and Montana G. (2014). Differential analysis of biological networks. Preprint
    • Wang Z., Curry E., and Montana G. (2014). Network-guided regression for detecting associations between DNA methylation and gene expression. Bioinformatics, to appear.
    • Pio Monti R., Hellyer P., Sharp D., Leech R., Anagnostopoulos C., Montana G. (2014) Estimating dynamic brain connectivity networks from functional MRI time series. Neuroimage, in press
    • Minas, C. and Montana, G. (2014) Hypothesis testing in distance-based regression. Preprint.
    • Gaudoin R., Montana G., Jones S., Aylin P. and Bottle A. (2014) Classifier calibration using splined empirical probabilities in clinical risk prediction. Health Care Management Science, to appear.
    • Cozzini A, Jasra A., Montana G. and Persing A. (2014) A Bayesian mixture of lasso regressions with t-errors. [arXiv] Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. In press
    • Minas C. and Montana G. (2014) Distance-based analysis of variance: approximate inference [arXiv] Statistical Analysis and Data Mining. In press
    • McWilliams B. and Montana G. (2014) Subspace clustering of high-dimensional data: a predictive approach. [arXiv] Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. Volume 28, Issue 3, pp 736-772
    • de Marvao A., Dawes T., Shi W., Minas C., Keenan N., Diamond T., Durighel G., Montana G. , Rueckert D., Cook S. and O'Regan D. (2014) Automated cardiac phenotyping using 3D high spatial resolution MR imaging. Journal of Cardiovascular MR, 16:16
    • Kiskinis E., Chatzeli L., Curry E., Kaforou M., Frontini A., Cinti S., Montana G., Parker M. and Christian M. (2014) RIP140 represses the BRITE adipocyte program including a futile cycle of TAG breakdown and synthesis. Molecular Endocrinology, Vol 28, Issue 3.
    • Rosell M., Kaforou M., Frontini A., Okolo A., Nikolopolou E., Millership S., Fenech ME, MacIntyre D, Turner JO, Blackburn E., Gullick W., Cinti S., Montana G., Parker MG, Christian M. (2014) Brown and white adipose tissues. Intrinsic differences in gene expression and response to cold exposure. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab.
    • Sim, A., Tsagkrasoulis, D. and Montana, G. (2013) Random forests on distance matrices for imaging genetics studies. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Volume 12, Issue 6, Pages 757-786
    • Silver M., Chen P., Ruoying L., Cheng CY, Wong TY, Tai E., Teo YY, and Montana G. (2013) Pathways-driven sparse regression identifies pathways and genes associated with high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in two Asian cohorts. [arXiv] PloS Genetics
    • Herberg J., Kaforou M., Gormley S., Sumner E.D., Patel S., Jones KDJ, Paulus S., Fink C., Martinon-Torres F., Montana G., Wright VJ, Levin M. (2013) Transcriptomic profiling in childhood H1N1/09 influenza reveals reduced expression of protein synthesis genes. The Journal of Infectious Disease 15;208(10):1664-8.
    • Minas C., Curry E., and Montana G. (2013) A distance-based test of association between paired heterogeneous genomic data. [arXiv] Bioinformatics.
    • Pandit AS, Robinson E., Aljabar P., Ball G., Gousias IS, Wang Z., Hajnal JV, Rueckert D., Counsell SJ, Montana G., Edwards AD (2013) Whole-brain mapping of structural connectivity in infants reveals altered connection strength associated with growth and preterm birth. Cerebral Cortex.
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    • Cozzini A, Jasra A. and Montana G. (2013) Model-based clustering with gene ranking using penalised mixtures of heavy-tailed distributions. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. [arXiv]
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    • NsRRR: R code for Network-guided sparse Reduced-Rank Regression
    • SINGLE: R package implementing the Smooth Incremental Graphical Lasso Estimation algorithm
    • GRV: R code for the generalised RV test of association between distance matrices (with data)
    • HiPLAR: R packages for High Performance (GPU and multi-core) Linear Algebra in R
    • PaRFR: Java implementation of parallel random forest regression for hadoop
    • PsRRR: Python code for pathways-sparse reduced-rank regression (with data)
    • PSC: Matlab code for the PSC (predictive subspace clustering) algorithm (with data)
    • ISPLS: Matlab code the ISPL (incremental sparse partial least squares) algorithm (with data)
    • MVPP: Matlab code for the MVPP (multi-view predictive partitioning) algorithm
    • PTM: R code for the PTM (penalised finite mixtures of t distributions) model
    • DBF: R code for the DBF (distance-based F) test statistic and artificial data simulation
    • SME: R code for the SME (smoothing splines mixed effects) model for functional data
    • MALDsoft: C code for admixture mapping using hidden Markov models
    • HapSim: R package for realistic haplotype data simulation
    • Online SVR: C++ code for on-line support vector regression
    • DLM: C++ code for fitting dynamic linear models
    • I maintain the CRAN Task View on Statistical Genetics

    Recent teaching (2012-2013)

    Previous positions

    • Research Biostatistician - Statistical Genetics and Biomarkers Group, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Princeton, USA
    • Research Associate - Department of Human Genetics. University of Chicago. Chicago, USA
    • PhD in Statistics - Department of Statistics. University of Warwick. Coventry, UK

    Other activities

    • Guest editor, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, special issue on Advances in Data Mining and Robust Statistics, 2013-14
    • Member of the Program Committe
      • Workshop on Statistically Sound Data Mining @ ECML/PKDD 2014
      • ERCIM (Computational and Methodological Statistics) 2014-15
      • CISIS (Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems) 2014
      • IDA (Intelligent Data Analysis) 2011-2014
      • ICPRAM (International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications) 2012-2015
      • MASAMB (Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Molecular Biology) 2013
    • Chair, CompBio 2011
    • Chartered Statistician (since 2006) and fellow of the Royal Statistical Society
    • Committee Member of the Business & Industry Section, Royal Statistical Society (2010-)
    • Vice Chair of the Statistical Computing Section, Royal Statistical Society (2010-)
    • Member of the Computing and Research Committees, IC Dept of Mathematics, 2010-2013
    • Visiting Senior Research Fellow, NUS School of Computing, 2011