Emeritus Professor Frank Leppington                  


Senior Research Fellow


E-mail: f.leppington@imperial.ac.uk  

Mathematics Department           Imperial College           Faculties


Research Interests

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Recent Papers

(with DF Popple) The two-dimensional sound field due to a pair of interacting compliant pistons. 1995. Proc R Soc Lond A450, 513-536.

(with MR Green) The sound field generated by a pair of circular cylinders moving in unsteady rectilinear motion. 1995. Quart J Mech Appl Maths 48, 483-505.

The interaction between sound and circulatory fluid motion as a problem in matched expansions. 1995. IMA J Appl Math 55, 163-186.

Radiation of acoustic power from a two-dimensional double elastic plate.1995. Mathematika 42, 368-391.

(with DF Popple) The sound field due to a periodic array of forced wave-bearing strips. 1995. IMA J Appl Math 55, 303-315.

Acoustic radiation from plates into a wedge-shaped fluid region: application to the free plate problem. 1996. Proc R Soc Lond A452, 1745-1764.

(with SS Kulkarni & EG Broadbent) Vibrations in three interconnected regions: membranes or acoustic cells. 1996. Proc R Soc Lond A452, 1827-1844.

(with RA Sisson) On the interaction of a hollow vortex with an aerofoil, with application to sound generation. 1997. J Fluid Mech 345, 203-226.

(with MR Green) The inner and outer fields due to a pair of spheres moving unsteadily through a compressible fluid: rectilinear motion. 1997. IMA J Appl Math. 59, 43--69.

(with WM Pang) The scattering properties of a membrane constrained on a small circular region. 1999. Proc R Soc Lond A455, 2067-2089.

(with I Papanikolaou) Acoustic scattering by a parallel pair of semi-infinite wavebearing surfaces. 1999. Proc R Soc Lond. A455, 3743-3765.

(with WM Pang) Scattering of sound by an infinite membrane fixed on two circular regions. 2000. IMA J Appl Math. 64, 51-72

(with I Papanikolaou) Asymptotic analysis for the diffraction of sound by closely spaced and lightly loaded semi-infinite flexible surfaces. 2000. Quart J Mech Appl Maths. 53, 263-283.

(with SS Kulkarni & EG Broadbent) Vibrations in several interconnected regions: a comparison of SEA, ray theory and numerical results. 2001. Wave Motion 33, 79-96.

(with KH Heron & EG Broadbent) Resonant and non-resonant transmission of random noise through complex plates. 2002. Proc R Soc Lond A 458, 683-704.

(with EG Broadbent) Acoustic radiation properties of an elastic plate with an infinite baffle and cavity. 2002. To appear in Quart J Mech Appl Math.

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Personal Interests

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