At the Biomolecular Control Group we develop mathematical methods to analyze and design biological networks in living cells. We use mathematics and control theory to understand the function of natural networks, as well to design novel biomolecular systems for Biotechnology and Healthcare. A large part of our work is in collaboration with Systems and Synthetic Biology labs in the UK and abroad.
You can find a general description of our work in Biomathematics in this news piece.

    Team members
  • Diego Oyarzún: Group leader.
  • Ahmad Mannan: Postdoc on dynamic regulation of metabolic systems.
  • Mona K Tonn: PhD project on noise propagation in metabolism.
  • Matt Haines: PhD project (G Baldwin lab) on biosensors for pathway control.
  • Master students: Denise Meinhardt, Gustavo Vergara, Camila Gaspar (P Jones lab)

Prospective students and postdocs

We are always looking for talented students and postdocs who want to develop theory for biological control systems. We can arrange mixed theoretical & experimental projects with our collaborating labs. If you are interested, please e-mail me your CV, research interests, and names of two referees.

There are a number of funding schemes for PhD students, see for example the General scholarship information and the scholarship search engine. For postdoc funding, please check this list of research fellowships.


  • [Nov 2017] Diego joined the Editorial Board of Microbial Cell Factories.
  • [Aug 2017] Our paper on biosensor design has been accepted in ACS Synthetic Biology, in collaboration with Fuzhong Zhang's lab at U Washington, St Louis.
  • [Jul 2017] Diego was appointed to the EPSRC Early Career Forum in Mathematical Sciences.
  • [Apr 2017] Diego was selected as one of the 100 Young Global Changers to participate in Think 20, part of the G20 Summit Germany 2017.
  • [Mar 2017] Diego joined the Scientify Advisory Board on Precision Medicine for the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum, San Francisco.
  • [Dec 2016] We have written a commentary piece for Cell Systems on new findings in yeast signalling. (PDF)
  • [Dec 2016] We welcome Denise Meinhardt and Gustavo Vergara, who joined our group as MSc students, and Camila Gaspar who joined us as MRes student in Patrik Jones' lab.
  • [Sep 2016] Diego was appointed a Global Future Council Fellow by the World Economic Forum to serve on the Council on the Future of Biotechnologies. His participation in the summit in Dubai was featured in the Imperial College podcast.
  • [Jul 2016] Ahmad and Diego organized a minisymposium at the ECMTB 2016.
  • [Apr 2016] Diego joined the IPC for the conference Foundations of Systems Biology and Engineering (FOSBE) 2016, to be held in Magdeburg, Germany.
  • [Mar 2016] We welcome Mona K Tonn, who joined our group as a PhD student.
  • [Jan 2016] Our paper on the design of a genetic switch for cellular uptake appeared in the J of the Royal Society Interface, in collaboration with Madalena Chaves.
  • [Jan 2016] Our paper on pulse-based control of bistable systems appeared in Automatica, in collaboration with Aivar Sootla.
  • [Mar 2015] We have been awarded an HFSP Young Investigator Grant in collaboration with Fuzhong Zhang's lab at Washington University in St. Louis.
  • [Feb 2015] Our paper on metabolic noise appeared in ACS Synthetic Biology special issue Circuits in Metabolic Engineering. (PDF) (Editorial) (Authors' profile )
  • [Mar 2015] Our paper on cellular tradeoffs and growth appeared in PNAS, in collaboration with A. Weiße, V. Danos and P. Swain from the U. of Edinburgh.
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Last update: Aug 2017