Damián Gvirtz

I am a fourth-year PhD student at the London School of Geometry and Number Theory.
My supervisor is Alexei Skorobogatov and I am based at Imperial College London.


d DOT [my last name]15 AT ic DOT ac DOT uk
Department of Mathematics
South Kensington Campus
Imperial College London
United Kingdom

Research interests

I work in arithmetic geometry. My current interests are zero-cycles, arithmetic of K3 surfaces, Brauer-Manin obstruction, density of rational points and p-adic geometry.


  1. Brauer Groups of Diagonal Quartics over Q (with Alexei Skorobogatov)
    In preparation, draft available.
  2. Arithmetic Surjectivity for Zero-Cycles
  3. Perfectoid Covers of Abelian Varieties (with Clifford Blakestad, Ben Heuer, Daria Schedrina, Koji Shimizu, Peter Wear and Zijian Yao)
  4. Mazur’s Conjecture and an Unexpected Rational Curve on Kummer Surfaces and Their Superelliptic Generalisations
    To appear in Acta Arithmetica.
  5. Maximal Orders in Division Algebras (with Gebhard Böckle)
    LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics. London Mathematical Society, 19(A), pp. 178–195.


A list of conferences where I have been/expect to be.


I co-founded and organised the London Junior Number Theory Seminar. Here is the old webpage.

Every week I sing with other mathematicians, mostly early music. If you live in the London area, why not join us?

In my school years, I profited a lot from gifted education programmes and later, I became involved in many of them myself as a mentor/tutor/teacher. Some of my favourites with the longest lasting impact are International Summer Science Institute, Life-Science Lab, Hector-Seminar, Deutsche SchülerAkademie, Science-Academy and Bundeswettbewerb Mathematik