M1F : Foundations of Analysis

Example sheets.

This year's problem sheets and solutions:

Sheet one and solutions.
Sheet two and solutions.
Sheet three and solutions.
Sheet four and solutions.
Sheet five and solutions.
Sheet six and solutions.
Sheet seven and solutions.
Sheet eight and solutions.
Sheet nine and solutions.
Sheet ten and solutions.

[there are ten sheets]

Older resources.

I made a repository of a bunch of older M1F stuff. It's here. [TODO -- add 2017-18 weekly test questions and example sheet questions, and remove the link to last year's page.]

Office Hours, Panopto etc.

Office hours Fridays 1-2 starting 12th October.

Panopto (video links to the lectures) -- I'll only be able to find it when I've given lecture 2.

The Xena Project

One of the aims of the Xena project is to teach first years how to do the M1F example sheet questions on a computer. More information here. Here are Lean versions of the example sheets. You can work on them in the MLC or on CoCalc (make an account with your Imperial email address and then get in touch with me for further instructions).

Getting in touch

Drop me (mylastname at imperial.ac.uk) a line if something here is broken or missing.