M1F : Foundations of Analysis

Example sheets.

This year's problem sheets and solutions:

Sheet one and solutions and Xena's solutions.
Sheet two.

Older resources.

I put up a "repository" of previous M1F example sheets, exams etc. It's here.

Office Hours, Panopto etc.

Office hours Thursday 11-12 starting 12th October (and from 30th November it looks like we'll have to change things because of M1C tests).

Panopto (video links to the lectures): link to come when I've found out what it is.

Times and dates.

Week 1 we have a lecture Thursday 5th Oct at 9am.

From week 2 to week 11 it's lectures Tues 1100-1200 and Thursdays 1400-1600. Last lecture Thursday 14th December at 2pm.

Problems classes are Thurs 1600-1700 in 340,341,342, starting week 3 (19th Oct).

Getting in touch

Drop me (mylastname at imperial.ac.uk) a line if something here is broken or missing.