You take a run up and leap into the hole. Unfortunately, there is fire at the bottom. As you sail downwards, a large blobby hand comes out of the fire and you land on it. Since it is not solid you did'nt even hurt yourself! The hand gets higher and higher till it comes back to the top. It dunks you on the floor then slams you so hard you fly up-up and up you look down and can see loads of things, the hole, a lavastream, a bridge over a river, a few traps and MUCH more! Wow! But you're sailing away from all that. Zipping through the air. Uh-Oh! Theres a huge bird in the distance and its coming straight for you! It opens its beak and lets out a shrill squawk.

To randomly flap your arms, trying to fly, click here

To squawk back at it click here

To shout "Oh Gods you are being so annoying please just let me live you idiots!" click here