You slam your hand onto the button and, suddenly, Two robot hands come out of the tree and throw you inside! You hear a thump as the blobby hand slams into the outside of the tree. Its dark in the tree. But then you see two glowing yellow eyes staring out at you. "I will switch on the light." said a voice. A light clicked on. And you realise this room is full of machines! The thing with yellow eyes had a floating green body. It hovered there then said "Get into that machine." it said pointing to one. You try to say no but your body seems to move by itself. Youn realise that you're hypnotised! You get in and after a minutes silence, you suddenly blast out the tree. You sail inbetween the trees at 150,000 miles an hour when suddenly...THWACK! Oh dear. You hit a tree...Ow.

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