London-Paris Number Theory Seminar

Fifth meeting, Paris, 17/11/2008

The 5th meeting took place on Monday 17th November 2008 in the amphitheatre "Darboux" at the Insitut Henri Poincaré in Paris. The schedule was

10.30-11.00 Accueil/Welcome
11.00-12.00 Roger Heath-Brown (Oxford)
The Pair Correlation of Fractional Parts of αn2
12.00-2.00 Lunch (organised at the école normale supérieure)
2.00-3.00 Etienne Fouvry (Orsay)
Corps quadratiques réels avec unité fondamentale de norme -1
3.30-4.30 Trevor Wooley (Bristol)
A singular approach to rational points on quintic hypersurfaces

Fourth meeting (London, 07/05-08/05/2008)
Sixth meeting (London, 03/06-04/06/2009)
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