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This course brings together ideas of continuity and linear algebra. It concerns vector spaces with a distance, and involves linear maps; the vector spaces are often spaces of functions.

Vector spaces. Existence of a Hamel basis. Normed vector spaces. Banach spaces. Finite dimensional spaces. Isomorphism. Separability. The Hilbert space. The Riesz-Fisher Theorem. The Hahn-Banach Theorem. Principle of Uniform Boundedness. Dual spaces. Operators, compact operators. Hermitian operators and the Spectral Theorem. Extension of the above topics. Banach algebras.


Basic Bibliography

Imperial College Library Electronic Resources :

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Kreyszig - Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications


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CW.1, CW.2,


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Homework.3, H3.Solutions

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Home page for Axiom of Choice

*Abstract linear spaces

*Banach Spaces

*Hahn-Banach Theorem

*Banach-Steinhaus Theorem

*Banach Fixed Point Theorem

*Banach - Tarski Paradox

*The Banach Space Bulletin Board

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Hilbert XIII@wiki & MathEncyclopedia

Per Enflo : Not every separable Banach space has a Schauder basis.

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History of Mathematics

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Banach Polish Mathematic Genius_@uTube

*Scottish Book

* Juliusz Pawel Schauder

*Hugo Steinhaus

Albrecht Pietsch , History of Banach Spaces and Linear Operators

Frigyes Riesz, Andrey Kolmogorov, Alfred Tarski

Some Lecture Notes



Hamel Basis

Open Library : Banach Spaces

Classical Banach Spaces I: Sequence Spaces by Joram Lindenstrauss, Lior Tzafriri

Valery Serov: Fourier Series, Fourier Transform and Their Applications to Mathematical Physics

James Munkres, Topology (+solutions)

Lebesgue Measure and Integration Theory - T.Tao

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