This is the web page of the course Algebra IV M4P63/M5P63

The course is an introduction to homological algebra.

Office hour: Tuesdays 1pm

There have been two tests on the 9 November and the 30 November, each contributing 5% to the overall credit.

Problem sheets are here: sheet 1 sheet 2 sheet 3 sheet 4

Solutions to problem sheets 1 and 2 are here

Solutions to sheet 3 are here

Solutions to sheet 4 are here

Test 1 Solutions for test 1 Test 2 Solutions for test 2

Tests from last year: Test 1 (2016) solutions for test 1 (2016) Test 2 (2016) solutions for test 2 (2016)

I will run problem classes roughly every second week. Please email me your questions for these classes in advance!

Lecture notes are here

Reading list is intended to give you more details of the results covered in class, more exercises and further theory. These books contain far more material than will be covered in the course or needed for the exam.

S. Lang. Algebra. Addison-Wesley, 1965.

H. Cartan and S. Eilenberg. Homological algebra. Princeton University Press, 1956.

C. Weibel. An introduction to homological algebra. Cambridge University Press, 1994.