K3 surfaces and Galois representations (2-4 May, 2018)

Mini-conference organised by Martin Orr and Alexei Skorobogatov

The aim of this 3-day event is to bring together a small group of experts on K3 surfaces, their rational points, Brauer groups, moduli spaces, associated abelian varieties and Galois representations, to discuss recent progress and avenues for future research.

Speakers: Anna Cadoret, François Charles (tbc), Daniel Huybrechts, Keerthi Madapusi Pera (tbc), Ben Moonen, Lenny Taelman, Tony Várilly-Alvarado, Yuri Zarhin

The workshop will take place in Warren Lodge, a traditional inn in the heart of the historic village of Shepperton in close proximity to the river Thames. Shepperton is easily reachable from Heathrow airport or central London.

If you are interested in this event, please email the organisers.