K3 surfaces and Galois representations (2-4 May, 2018)

Mini-conference organised by Martin Orr and Alexei Skorobogatov

The aim of this 3-day event is to bring together a small group of experts on K3 surfaces, their rational points, Brauer groups, moduli spaces, associated abelian varieties and Galois representations, to discuss recent progress and avenues for future research.

Speakers: Martin Bright, Anna Cadoret, Daniel Huybrechts, Jorg Jahnel, Ben Moonen, Mattias Schütt, Lenny Taelman, Tony Várilly-Alvarado, Yuri Zarhin

Participants: Emiliano Ambrosi, Gregorio Baldi, Wessel Bindt, Emma Brakkee, Damián Gvirtz, David Holmes, Evis Ieronymou, Lisa Li, Masahiro Nakahara, Rachel Newton, Otto Overkamp, Domenico Valloni

There will be a possibility to give shorter talks by participants. Please email the organisers if you are interested to give a talk.

The workshop will take place in Warren Lodge, a traditional inn in the heart of the historic village of Shepperton in close proximity to the river Thames. Shepperton is easily reachable from Heathrow airport or central London.