Research Group
      ►  Hao Liu (PhD, started 2013).
      ►  Fangwei Shi (PhD, started 2014).
      ►  Henry Stone (PhD, started 2016, joint with Mikko Pakkanen).
      ►  Chloe Lacombe (PhD, started 2016).
      ►  Aitor Muguruza (PhD, started 2017).

Past PhD Students
      ►  Sergey Badikov (2017, submitted, joint with M.H.A. Davis. First job: Associate at Citigroup)
            Thesis: Infinite-dimensional linear programming and model-independent hedging of contingent claims.
      ►  Ivo Mihaylov (2015, joint with J.F. Chassagneux. First job: Associate at Citigroup)
            Thesis: Numerical schemes and Monte Carlo techniques for Greeks in stochastic volatility models.
      ►  Patrick Roome (2015. First job: Quant, JP Morgan)
            Thesis: Asymptotics of forward implied volatility.

Co-authors (past and present)
Sergey Badikov Jean-Francois Chassagneux Stefano De Marco
Jean-Dominique Deuschel Martin Forde Peter Friz
Jim Gatheral Archil Gulisashvili Hamza Guennoun
Gaoyue Guo Fatma Haba Caroline Hillairet
Blanka Horvath Martin Keller-Ressel Chloé Lacombe
Roger Lee Hao Liu Matt Lorig
Daphne Liu Claude Martini Alex Mijatovic
Ivo Mihaylov Aitor Muguruza Leo Neufcourt
Patrick Roome Fangwei Shi Henry Stone
Sean Violante