The Kondo Problem to Heavy Fermions


The puzzling behaviour of magnetic impurities in metals has posed a problem for condensed matter theorists over the past thirty years. This book deals with the concepts which have been developed to meet this challenge. It also covers the application of the theory to the interpretation of experiments.
After an introduction to the basic theoretical models, Kondo's explanation of the resistance minimum is described, which was the first of the major puzzles to be solved. As Kondo's perturbational calculations breakdown at low temperatures a non-perturbational approach is needed to predict the low temperature behaviour of the models, the so-called Kondo problem. The author surveys in some detail the many-body techniques, scaling, renormalization group, Fermi liquid and Bethe ansatz, which lead to a solution of this problem for most of the theoretical models. The book also deals with the special techniques for N-fold degenerate models for rare earth impurities (including mean field and 1/N expansions). The theoretical framework having been established, a comparision is made between theoretical predictions and the experimental results in particular systems in the penultimate chapter.
With the success of the many-body techniques to deal with the impurity problems, the new challenge is the extension of these strong correlation techniques to models with periodicity in order to understand the behaviour of heavy fermions and the high temperature superconducting compounds. The work which has provided insights into heavy fermion is reviewed in the last chapter, together with the questions that need to be answered in future work.
This book will be of interest to condensed matter physicists, particularly those interested in strong correlation problems. The detailed discussions of advanced many-body techniques should make it of interest to theoretical physicists in general.

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Author: A.C. Hewson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: Hardback ISBN 0-521-36383-9 ; Paperback ISBN 0-521-59947-4
Copies can be ordered on-line from Cambridge University Press

From reviews of the hard cover edition

"..a concise introduction of local-moment physics. Hewson provides a thorough and reliable foundation for those in research in strongly correlated materials. I heartily recommend it"
Piers Coleman, Physics Today

"... to achieve a deeper understanding of these complex undoubtedly one of the great challenges in condensed matter physics today. Future insights are likely to rest on a mastery of past achievements, and this erudite and thoughtful book contributes richly to that process."
Mike Springford, Contemporary Physics

"No library should be without this [book], nor anyone interested in the Kondo problem, but also for those interested in new many-body methods it is strongly recommended."
H. Keiter, Physikalische Blätter

Chapter Headings

  1. Models of Magnetic Impurities
  2. Resistivity Calculations and the Resistance Minimum
  3. The Kondo Problem
  4. Renormalization Group Calculations
  5. Fermi Liquid Theories
  6. Exact Solutions and the Bethe Ansatz
  7. N-fold Degenerate Models I
  8. N-fold Degenerate Models II
  9. Theory and Experiment
  10. Strongly Correlated Fermions
  11. Appendices
  12. Addendum

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