Andrea Dotto.

I am a PhD student at Imperial College London, expecting graduation in Summer 2019. My supervisor is Prof. Toby Gee. I am interested in various aspects of the Langlands program, as well as neighbouring areas in geometry and number theory.

I am currently applying for postdocs. My CV is here.

Email address: ad3611 at ic dot ac dot uk

Publications and preprints.

  1. Inertial actions in the p-adic Langlands correspondence for GL_2(Q_p), in preparation
  2. (with Daniel Le) Diagrams in the mod p cohomology of Shimura curves, draft available
  3. Breuil–Mézard conjectures for central division algebras, arXiv
  4. Canonical beta-extensions, arXiv
  5. The inertial Jacquet–Langlands correspondence, arXiv

Thanks are due to Damián Gvirtz for teaching me how to set up this minimalistic marvel of a website.