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Undergraduate Entry Requirements

Entry to the mathematics programme at Imperial is highly competitive. Unfortunately, given the limited number of places, many candidates will be unsuccessful. This year, we anticipate that we will only be able to make an offer to about one third of applicants. As a result of an increase in the number of applications to the Mathematics Department, our standard entry requirement for Mathematics courses for entry in 2008 is:

Subject Combination Standard Offer
Mathematics A2, Further Mathematics A2 + 1 additional A2 Subject AAA
Mathematics A2, Further Mathematics AS + 2 additional A2 subjects AAAa
Single Mathematics + 3 additional A2 subjects AAAB
Single Mathematics + 2 additional A2 subjects + AEA/STEP AAA DIST/2

Students will be expected to gain A grades in Core modules C1-C4, and those students taking Further Mathematics will be expected to gain A grades in all Further Pure modules taken (FP1, FP2 and/or FP3).

Our offer will be based on the information contained in your UCAS form and will depend on your subject combination. While we do not include a STEP/AEA requirement unless you are a single mathematics student that is not offering 4 subjects at A2-level, we strongly encourage you to take Further Mathematics and an AEA/STEP qualification if these options are open to you, as competition for places is intense. The extra mathematical study will be valuable, since it will give you a greater insight into the nature of the subject before you arrive at university.

Our experience is that entrants with a single Mathematics A-level find our course harder at first than those with double Mathematics, but that this is usually resolved during the second term. We are aware that it is not available to everyone and will take this into consideration if you make the circumstances clear in your application. Students are nevertheless expected to show their keenness by making every effort to take at least AS-level Further Mathematics.

We recommend that your A-level programme include some Mechanics options. If it does not, then you should study Physics to at least AS-level.

We will interview very few applicants, all those who are below the standard age at entry level, some mature students, those who are not currently in an academic environment, and anyone we consider to be a special case. Our standard offer may change as a result of your interview. It may also be adjusted according to the combination of A-, AS-, and AEA-levels that you are offering. Each application is considered on its individual merits.

Please note that the Admissions Tutor's decision is final.

We can make you an offer for only ONE course code, so if you are in any doubt, you should make a decision before applying.

It is important to ensure, if you have provided an email address on your UCAS form, that it is an active account that you check regularly, as we will use it to contact you.