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People: staff

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Adams, Prof Niall Prof Niall Adams's Professional Web Page Prof Niall Adams's personal home page Statistics n.adams 544 48837
Anagnostopoulos, Dr Christoforos Dr Christoforos Anagnostopoulos's Professional Web Page Statistics canagnos 527
Atkinson, Prof Colin Prof Colin Atkinson's Professional Web Page AMMP c.atkinson 6M41 48469
Barahona, Prof Mauricio Prof Mauricio Barahona's Professional Web Page AMMP m.barahona 6M31 48528
Barnett, Dr Ryan Dr Ryan Barnett's Professional Web Page Dr Ryan Barnett's personal home page AMMP r.barnett 6M49
Barrett, Prof John Prof John Barrett's Professional Web Page Prof John Barrett's personal home page AMMP j.barrett 6M44 48529
Bellotti, Dr Tony Dr Tony Bellotti's Professional Web Page Dr Tony Bellotti's personal home page Statistics a.bellotti 522 48521
Berkshire, Dr Frank Dr Frank Berkshire's Professional Web Page Dr Frank Berkshire's personal home page AMMP f.berkshire 627 48512
Berloff, Dr Pavel Dr Pavel Berloff's Professional Web Page Dr Pavel Berloff's personal home page AMMP p.berloff 745 49662
Bernal, Dr Michael Dr Michael Bernal's personal home page Computing m.bernal 613
Bingham, Prof Nicholas Prof Nicholas Bingham's Professional Web Page Prof Nicholas Bingham's personal home page Mathematical Finance n.bingham 6M47 42085
Bottolo, Dr Leornardo Dr Leornardo Bottolo's Professional Web Page Statistics l.bottolo 542
Brain, Mr Thomas Admin t.brain 732
Brew, Ms Ann Library ann.brew Library 45736
Brigo, Prof Damiano Prof Damiano Brigo's Professional Web Page Prof Damiano Brigo's personal home page Mathematical Finance damiano.brigo 6M24 42932
Buck, Dr Dorothy Dr Dorothy Buck's Professional Web Page Dr Dorothy Buck's personal home page AMMP d.buck 623 48570
Buzzard, Prof Kevin Prof Kevin Buzzard's Professional Web Page Prof Kevin Buzzard's personal home page Pure k.buzzard 660 48523
Calderhead, Dr Ben Dr Ben Calderhead's Professional Web Page Statistics b.calderhead 6M11
Cannon, Ms Claudia Admin c.cannon 649A 46417
Carrillo, Prof Jose A. Prof Jose A. Carrillo's Professional Web Page Prof Jose A. Carrillo's personal home page AMMP carrillo 6M26 48530
Cascini, Dr Paolo Dr Paolo Cascini's Professional Web Page Dr Paolo Cascini's personal home page Pure p.cascini 676 48861
Cash, Prof Jeff Prof Jeff Cash's Professional Web Page Prof Jeff Cash's personal home page AMMP j.cash 6M40 48538
Cass, Dr Thomas Dr Thomas Cass's Professional Web Page Mathematical Finance thomas.cass 6M35 47849
Chassagneux, Dr Jean Francois Dr Jean Francois Chassagneux's Professional Web Page Dr Jean Francois Chassagneux's personal home page Mathematical Finance j.chassagneux 6M51 48541
Coates, Dr Tom Dr Tom Coates's Professional Web Page Dr Tom Coates's personal home page Pure tomc 662 43607
Cohen, Dr Ed Dr Ed Cohen's Professional Web Page Dr Ed Cohen's personal home page Statistics e.cohen 536 43986
Coleman, Dr Rodney Dr Rodney Coleman's Professional Web Page Dr Rodney Coleman's personal home page Statistics r.coleman 6M19 48526
Colijn, Dr Caroline Dr Caroline Colijn's Professional Web Page AMMP c.colijn 626 42647
Cont, Prof Rama Prof Rama Cont's Professional Web Page Mathematical Finance r.cont 6M45 40802
Corti, Prof Alessio Prof Alessio Corti's Professional Web Page Prof Alessio Corti's personal home page Pure a.corti 673 41870
Cotter, Dr Colin Dr Colin Cotter's Professional Web Page AMMP colin.cotter 755 43468
Craster, Prof Richard Prof Richard Craster's Professional Web Page Prof Richard Craster's personal home page AMMP r.craster 644 48554
Crisan, Prof Dan Prof Dan Crisan's Professional Web Page Prof Dan Crisan's personal home page Pure d.crisan 670 48489
Crowdy, Prof Darren Prof Darren Crowdy's Professional Web Page Prof Darren Crowdy's personal home page AMMP d.crowdy 735 48587
Davis, Prof Mark Prof Mark Davis's Professional Web Page Prof Mark Davis's personal home page Mathematical Finance mark.davis 6M17
Degond, Prof Pierre Prof Pierre Degond's Professional Web Page Prof Pierre Degond's personal home page AMMP p.degond 6M38 41474
Donaldson, Prof Simon Prof Simon Donaldson's Professional Web Page Prof Simon Donaldson's personal home page Pure s.donaldson 674 48559
Edwards, Prof David Prof David Edwards's Professional Web Page Prof David Edwards's personal home page AMMP d.edwards 6M41 48469
Elgin, Prof John Prof John Elgin's Professional Web Page Prof John Elgin's personal home page AMMP j.elgin 6M40 48508
Gandy, Dr Axel Dr Axel Gandy's Professional Web Page Dr Axel Gandy's personal home page Statistics a.gandy 530 48518
Gee, Prof Toby Prof Toby Gee's personal home page Pure toby.gee 666 48488
Gibbon, Prof John Prof John Gibbon's Professional Web Page Prof John Gibbon's personal home page AMMP j.d.gibbon 6M19 48504
Gibbons, Dr John Dr John Gibbons's Professional Web Page Dr John Gibbons's personal home page AMMP j.gibbons 622 48506
Hall, Prof Philip Prof Philip Hall's Professional Web Page AMMP phil.hall 736A 48486
Hand, Prof David Prof David Hand's Professional Web Page Prof David Hand's personal home page Statistics d.j.hand 547
Harvey, Ms Mary Admin mary.harvey 649 42047
Haskins, Prof Mark Prof Mark Haskins's Professional Web Page Pure m.haskins 668 48550
Hayman, Prof Walter Prof Walter Hayman's Professional Web Page Pure w.hayman 6M43 48535
Heard, Dr Nick Dr Nick Heard's Professional Web Page Dr Nick Heard's personal home page Statistics n.heard 543 41490
Helm, Dr David Dr David Helm's Professional Web Page Dr David Helm's personal home page Pure d.helm 672
Hewson, Dr Alex Dr Alex Hewson's Professional Web Page Dr Alex Hewson's personal home page AMMP a.hewson 6M41 48469
Hibbins, Mrs Inkeri Admin i.hibbins 632 40800
Holm, Prof Darryl Prof Darryl Holm's Professional Web Page Prof Darryl Holm's personal home page AMMP d.holm 6M27 48531
Holzegel, Dr Gustav Dr Gustav Holzegel's Professional Web Page Pure g.holzegel 625
Horn, Ms Susanne AMMP s.horn 756
Ivanov, Prof Alexander Prof Alexander Ivanov's Professional Web Page Pure a.ivanov 667 48496
Jacobs, Dr Roy Dr Roy Jacobs's Professional Web Page AMMP r.jacobs 6M19 48487
Jacquier, Dr Antoine Dr Antoine Jacquier's Professional Web Page Dr Antoine Jacquier's personal home page Mathematical Finance ajacquie 6M12 48569
Jensen, Prof Henrik Jeldtoft Prof Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen's Professional Web Page Prof Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen's personal home page AMMP h.jensen EEE1201 49853
Jones, Dr Richard Admin r.l.jones 645 48480
Jones, Dr Nick Dr Nick Jones's Professional Web Page Dr Nick Jones's personal home page AMMP nick.jones 635 41146
Kantas, Dr Nikolas Dr Nikolas Kantas's Professional Web Page Dr Nikolas Kantas's personal home page Statistics n.kantas 538 42772
Keaveny, Dr Eric Dr Eric Keaveny's Professional Web Page AMMP e.keaveny 741 42780
Krasovsky, Dr Igor Dr Igor Krasovsky's Professional Web Page Pure i.krasovsky 636 48525
Lamb, Prof Jeroen Prof Jeroen Lamb's Professional Web Page Prof Jeroen Lamb's personal home page AMMP jsw.lamb 638 48502
Laptev, Prof Ari Prof Ari Laptev's Professional Web Page Prof Ari Laptev's personal home page Pure a.laptev 680 48497
Liebeck, Prof Martin Prof Martin Liebeck's Professional Web Page Prof Martin Liebeck's personal home page Pure m.liebeck 665 48490
Lisowska, Ms Anna Admin a.lisowska 652 42843
Mavrakakis, Dr Miltiadis Statistics m.mavrakakis 525 41869
McCoy, Prof Emma Prof Emma McCoy's Professional Web Page Prof Emma McCoy's personal home page Statistics e.mccoy 552 48553
Mestel, Prof Jonathan Prof Jonathan Mestel's Professional Web Page Prof Jonathan Mestel's personal home page AMMP j.mestel 630 48513
Mijatovic, Dr Aleksandar Dr Aleksandar Mijatovic's Professional Web Page Dr Aleksandar Mijatovic's personal home page Pure a.mijatovic 612 48532
Moore, Dr Dan Dr Dan Moore's Professional Web Page Dr Dan Moore's personal home page AMMP dan.moore 627 48510
Morgan, Miss Sioned Admin sioned.morgan 654 48484
Mortlock, Dr Daniel Dr Daniel Mortlock's Professional Web Page Statistics d.mortlock 6M20 47878
Neves, Prof Andre Prof Andre Neves's Professional Web Page Prof Andre Neves's personal home page Pure a.neves 661 45643
Nurnberg, Dr Robert Dr Robert Nurnberg's Professional Web Page Dr Robert Nurnberg's personal home page AMMP robert.nurnberg 6M14 48572
Ortiz, Prof Eduardo Pure e.ortiz
Pakkanen, Dr Mikko Mathematical Finance and Statistics m.pakkanen 6M29
Pal, Dr Ambrus Dr Ambrus Pal's Professional Web Page Dr Ambrus Pal's personal home page Pure a.pal 663 48479
Papageorgiou, Prof Demetrius Prof Demetrius Papageorgiou's Professional Web Page Prof Demetrius Papageorgiou's personal home page AMMP d.papageorgiou 750 48369
Parry, Prof Andrew Prof Andrew Parry's Professional Web Page AMMP a.o.parry 6M15 48537
Pavliotis, Prof Grigorios Prof Grigorios Pavliotis's Professional Web Page Prof Grigorios Pavliotis's personal home page AMMP g.pavliotis 621 48564
Perciany David, Mrs Valeria Admin v.pericany-david 638
Pile-Grant, Mrs Donna Admin d.pile-grant 649A
Pistorius, Dr Martijn Dr Martijn Pistorius's Professional Web Page Dr Martijn Pistorius's personal home page Mathematical Finance m.pistorius 6M13 48532
Pope, Mr Andrew Technical Services a.pope 131 48544
Pruessner, Dr Gunnar Dr Gunnar Pruessner's Professional Web Page Dr Gunnar Pruessner's personal home page AMMP g.pruessner 657 48534
Radomska, Dr Anna Admin a.radomska EPSRC CDT, Rm 407, Level 4 North 48511
Ramsden, Dr Philip Dr Philip Ramsden's Professional Web Page METRIC p.ramsden 655 48503
Rasmussen, Dr Martin Dr Martin Rasmussen's Professional Web Page Dr Martin Rasmussen's personal home page AMMP m.rasmussen 637 42774
Rowlands, Ms Anne Admin a.rowlands 646 48481
Ruban, Prof Anatoly Prof Anatoly Ruban's Professional Web Page AMMP a.ruban 748 48498
Ruzhansky, Prof Michael Prof Michael Ruzhansky's Professional Web Page Prof Michael Ruzhansky's personal home page Pure m.ruzhansky 615 48500
Saloo, Ms Farhana Admin f.saloo 629 48505
Schmid, Prof Peter Prof Peter Schmid's Professional Web Page AMMP pjschmid 753
Shahrezaei, Dr Vahid Dr Vahid Shahrezaei's Professional Web Page Dr Vahid Shahrezaei's personal home page AMMP v.shahrezaei 624 48516
Sisson, Mr Chris Admin c.sisson 647 48482
Skorobogatov, Prof Alexei Prof Alexei Skorobogatov's Professional Web Page Prof Alexei Skorobogatov's personal home page Pure a.skorobogatov 664 48493
Stuart, Prof Trevor Prof Trevor Stuart's Professional Web Page AMMP t.stuart 733 48535
Svanidze, Mrs Rusudan Admin r.svanidze 651 48555
Taylor, Mr Kalra Admin k.taylor 649A 48483
Thomas, Mr Andy Mr Andy Thomas's Professional Web Page Mr Andy Thomas's personal home page Computing andy.thomas 6M46 59687
Thomas, Prof Richard Prof Richard Thomas's Professional Web Page Prof Richard Thomas's personal home page Pure richard.thomas 659 48515
Turaev, Prof Dimitry Prof Dimitry Turaev's Professional Web Page Prof Dimitry Turaev's personal home page AMMP d.turaev 634 48566
van Dyk, Prof David Prof David van Dyk's Professional Web Page Prof David van Dyk's personal home page Statistics d.van-dyk 535 48574
van Strien, Prof Sebastian Prof Sebastian van Strien's Professional Web Page Prof Sebastian van Strien's personal home page AMMP s.van-strien 6M36 42844
Veraart, Dr Almut Dr Almut Veraart's Professional Web Page Dr Almut Veraart's personal home page Statistics a.veraart 551 48545
Vidler, Ms Magdalena Admin m.k.vidler 651
Walden, Prof Andrew Prof Andrew Walden's Professional Web Page Prof Andrew Walden's personal home page Statistics a.walden 531 48524
Walton, Dr Andrew Dr Andrew Walton's Professional Web Page Dr Andrew Walton's personal home page AMMP a.walton 743 48514
White, Dr Lynda Dr Lynda White's Professional Web Page Dr Lynda White's personal home page Statistics l.white 627 48527
Wu, Prof Xuesong Prof Xuesong Wu's Professional Web Page Prof Xuesong Wu's personal home page AMMP x.wu 738 48494
Young, Prof Alastair Prof Alastair Young's Professional Web Page Prof Alastair Young's personal home page Statistics alastair.young 529 48560
Zegarlinski, Prof Boguslaw Prof Boguslaw Zegarlinski's Professional Web Page Prof Boguslaw Zegarlinski's personal home page Pure b.zegarlinski 669 48492
Zheng, Dr Harry Dr Harry Zheng's Professional Web Page Dr Harry Zheng's personal home page Mathematical Finance h.zheng 6M16 48539