How do I add a news feed to my website?

July 29, 2010
by Pamela Agar

Many CMS sites publish news and announcements.  The recommended way to do this is to use the College News & Events application which gives you a simple way to add new articles. It allows you to ‘pull’ news and events from other CMS sites into your news or events feed if you think the article or event would interest your readers. Using this application to publish your news and events also means that other news and events feed owners are able to pull your articles into their feeds and so give them a wider audience!

You can see an example of a news page here. Note that the ‘tabs’ for News and Events below the banner are not part of the News & Events application but have been added by the site editor.

One of the benefits of using the College News & Events application is that you can delegate the ability to post articles to a ‘comms’ group in your department or section who do not need to have full editing permission over your whole site. They also need to know only the basics of site editing as they will not be creating pages manually themselves. The application allows the ‘comms’ person to input information about the required new article which is taken and used to:

  • add an item in the News & Events application database containing summary information about the article
  • create a new page in the ‘newsandeventspggrp’ page group which contains a content item ready for the ‘comms’ person to edit with the content editor.

If your department/section uses an events booking /administration system, it may be possible to integrate this with the College Events application. However, the basic College Events application is just for advertising events. Contact your Faculty Web Officer, or if non-Faculty put a request into the Service Desk, to enquire about this possibility. Currently, only the Business School has an event administration system integrated with the College Events application.

To try out the News application, follow these steps:

  1. Create a hidden page in your site called, for example, ‘news’ to display the respective news feed.
  2. Put a request into the Service Desk for a news feeds to be set up for your site. Include the URLs of the pages you created in step 1.
  3. The BS Web Support team will set up a news feeds for your site in the ‘newsandeventspggrp’ page group and add them to the pages you created in step 1.
  4. To add new articles to your news feed
  5. You can customise the way that the news or events appear on your main News or Events page by clicking on the ‘Edit properties’ link e.g
    screenshot showing 'Edit properties' link 

    and setting the required properties in the properties form e.g. news display properties form
    The properties you can change relate to the way the articles are displayed e.g. with or without coloured background, showing the article main picture or not, and which item should be considered the ‘Lead’ article.
    Be careful not to change the ‘Assign to feed’ setting or you will pick up news or events for another site rather than yours!
    Once you have completed setting properties, click the ‘save’ button to register your changes. If necessary use Clear Cache on your main news or events page to see the effects of the changes to the properties.




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