Month: November 2011

Enhanced image crop tool

If you came along to the November Web Forum you will have seen a demo of the enhancements to the image crop tool. The new tool will be released on Friday 2 December so you can start using it straight away.

The new stuff

One of the major new improvements to the crop tool is that is context sensitive: The crop tool will only offer the image styles available for the area of the page that your are in. For example, if you are in the right-grey navigation column you will be offered the option of an image size and position specific to that are of the web page.

PWPs – project update and survey

A review is underway of Professional Web Pages (PWPs), which are used on the College website to offer contact details and information about the activities of staff such as publications and awards.  This will result in an initial refresh of design and functionality by Summer 2012 and an agreement on future projects to further enhance online academic profiles.

Tell us what you think!

To guide a redesign of PWPs, staff are invited to participate in a survey to help identify the content and features which are particularly important for current and future users of these online profiles. The survey should take about five minutes to complete, and all those who complete the survey will be entered into a draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher.  Please complete the survey if you own a PWP – and encourage your colleagues to do so!

Web Forum – 16 November 2011

If you came along to November’s Web Forum you should now be an expert in using images on the web! You will also have seen, first-hand, the enhanced image crop tool, which will be released shortly.

Pamela Agar, kicked off the session with an update on web projects before handing over to Peter and Karsten to talk about using images online.

Peter Gillings, New Media Manager, Communications and Development Division, talked about the value of adding images to your web pages and the type of image resources available to the College community, such as the College’s image library and various external stock photo libraries.

Imperial Interact screensaver

You may have spotted the Imperial screensaver on public PCs across the College. It pulls in the latest tweets, flickr photos and news from our College accounts.

You can now download the screensaver to your own PC.

The tweets that feed into the screensaver are from: @imperialcollege, @ImperialSpark and @icunion and the news is pulled from the College news feed.

The images are fed directly from Imperial College Flickr uploads. We can add your images too. If you have some great photos from around Campus or from an event or seminar we can tag these as our favourites and pull them through to the screensaver.

Revamping news online – project update

One of the web team’s current priorities is delivering a new online approach to College news.  Led by the Communications & Development Division, with Caroline Davis project managing, this revamp will change how news is presented on the College website.  At the very top level developments will include bringing together College news and Reporter online, and at departmental levels the new approach will offer enhanced presentation of news, better display of news highlights on local pages and improved functionality for all.

What’s new?

Enhanced functionality will include:

  • News anytime, anywhere – using responsive web design to create mobile / tablet templates
  • Comments – enabling discussion about our news (optional)
  • Related information – providing an onward journey for readers, highlighting similar articles, related multimedia and media mentions
  • Real time news highlights – latest news, latest comments, latest multimedia
  • Enhanced search – tags and categories, plus site specific search
  • Integration with PWPs – match articles to academics
  • Social media integration – enable easy publishing
  • Acknowledge funders and sponsors build our relationship with funders and sponsors by showing where they have supported our work so publicly thanking them