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Improving the website editor

June 24, 2010
by Pamela Agar

All of us as College website editors will regularly use the editor window to create pages and update our content. And I’m sure we all agree that there is plenty that could be done to improve the usability of the editor form and the ease of which you can use the more colourful elements of the College website design.

I’m pleased to let you know that we are currently working on a project to significantly improve the functionality of the website editor form. The main improvements planned as part of this project include the following:

(1) Improving the actual editor form, including:

  • Ensuring the preview window shows you exactly what the page will look like when changes are made live (what you see is what you get!)
  • Enabling direct access to help FAQs from the editor window
  • Displaying news and announcements relating to the CMS within the editor window
  • Removing options on the form that work against the College website design, accessibility standards and CSS (e.g. centre and right align)
  • Improve html code view, with colour highlighting similar to Dreamweaver
  • See below for design screengrabs.

    (2) Improving table functionality, allowing for easy adding and deleting of columns and rows.

    (3) Making pasting content into the form easier and more accurate, removing unnecessary code often added when content is pasted in from word. This will also ensure that code not supported by the College design and CSS is no longer able to be added. Existing code that doesn’t meet College design standards will also be removed.

    (4) Allowing multiple instances of the form to be open at the same time – so you can edit more than one page at once without losing your work.

    (5) Enhancements to the image cropping tool to enable this to completely replace the old image upload button.

    (6) Addition of new wizards to enable site owners to use many of the more complicated elements of the website design on their pages, including:

    • Columns
    • Call out boxes
    • Images with captions
    • RSS feeds
    • Reminder blocks
    • Adverts

    If there are other improvements that you’d like to see in the website editor, please comment on this post to let us know.

    We’ll also be looking for some website editors to spend a little bit of time testing the new editor system as it develops. If you think you could spare an hour to try out the new editor and give us your feedback, please get in touch with Elizabeth Atkin.

    We’ll keep you posted on the timescale for releasing improvements, but we hope that the first phase of this project (incorporating the new form, better table functionality, code cleaning and multiple instances of the form) in July 2010.

    Current editor design:
    Current editor design
    Proposed new editor design:
    Proposed new editor design