Month: August 2009

Introducing the Content Forum

Websites are only as good as the content they contain.  Even a beautiful website design cannot mask a poorly written and unhelpful page.  And with over 5 million visits to the College website each month, we cannot be complacent about the importance of keeping all our pages current and ensuring they meet the needs of our audiences.

Web Management Board has therefore launched a Content Forum to raise the importance of website content management across Imperial.  We did a lot of work on top level website content during the 2007 web redesign project but, until now, haven’t been able to share what we learned and the techniques and features we regularly use to site owners managing departmental websites.

Welcome to the Imperial web forum blog!

It seems like the perfect time to launch a web forum blog as College branded blogs become available for staff and students.  But as well as testing out our new blogging system, this blog has a serious, and hopefully useful, purpose.

Imperial’s new web strategy commits to providing a package of support and improved communication for website owners across the College.   You’re one of over 300 people right across Imperial looking after College websites – we’re a big, diverse community packed full of great examples of good practice that should be shared.  And the web is a really exciting topic, developing at such a fast pace that we need a way of ensuring we all know the direction of the College web strategy and have a chance to contribute to priorities.