Newly Promoted Academics

Huge congratulations go to all of our newly promoted academics as listed below. You can find detailed guidelines on all the promotional opportunities available to all staff on the Departmental Promotions and Pay webpage.

  • Dr. Richard Abel                                      Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Veronique Azuara                             Reader in Stem Cell Biology
  • Dr. Maria Kyrgiou                                    Reader in Gynaecological Oncology
  • Dr. Daniel Leff                                          Reader in Breast Surgery
  • Dr. Maud Lemoine                                   Reader in Hepatology
  • Dr. Rohini Sharma                                   Reader in Clinical Pharmacology & Medical Oncology
  • Dr. Fernando Bello                                   Professor of Surgical Computing & Simulation Science
  • Dr. Hector Keun                                        Professor of Biochemistry
  • Dr. Christoph Lees                                    Professor of Obstetrics
  • Dr. Tom Bourne                                        Professor of Practice (Gynaecology)
  • Dr. Susan Clark                                         Professor of Practice (Colorectal Surgery)
  • Dr. Omar Faiz                                            Professor of Practice (Colorectal Surgery)
  • Dr. Shahid Khan                                       Professor of Practice (Hepatology)
  • Dr. David Nott                                           Professor of Practice (Conflict Surgery)
  • Dr. Mary O’Brien                                      Professor of Practice (Medical Oncology)
  • Dr. Brian Saunders                                   Professor of Practice (Interventional Endoscopy)
  • Dr. Tiong Ghee Teoh                                Professor of Practice (Obstetrics)
  • Dr. Catherine Urch                                   Professor of Practice (Palliative Medicine)
  • Dr. Mary Wells                                          Professor of Practice (Cancer Nursing)

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