As promised … a useful post for prospective students. I know I’m a little late for the main open day last week, but there’s still further open days to come, plus most of this is relevant for other uni open days too.

I guess its kind of up to you how many open days you go to, depending on cost, location, how much time off school you can get and the effort involved with each. Plus its worth remembering that if somewhere interviews you, you generally get shown round then. It is also generally possible to get your own little guided tour of somewhere if you never made it to an open day but later want to.

In the end I went to 3 or 4 open days – which was quite useful as I actually decided against applying to what I thought would be my 3rd choice university. Plus I didn’t really intend to apply to Imperial, but my Mum said I might as well go and see…it ended up becoming my first choice!


So, useful tips

  • -Do ask questions about something if you aren’t sure
  • -But at the same time, most information will be on department websites etc, so don’t ask the obvious
  • -Don’t worry about coming alone, plenty of people will ( I certainly did to all of mine)
  • -Remember not to base all your opinions on the student showing you around…
  • -Gut instinct IS important
  • -Taking notes is good, but remember that the vast majority of what is said will already be on the website
  • -Try not to judge the campus on the weather that day!
  • -If you have the time, its often useful to wander round the area and see what kind of place it is as well – Hyde park or the museums are just across the road from Imperial

The last thing we often get asked when showing people around is whether we can show them student’s bedrooms. The Imperial policy on this isn’t to, because there are just too many people coming round and also its a bit of a security risk letting large groups of people into halls. However what I can recommend is the student accommodation section of the website – which has 360 views of the rooms. They are quite accurate representatives ( they haven’t just picked the massive ones to show or anything! )

Hope some of that is useful! Any other questions – just ask :)