Harvard Med Placement

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In my final year as an Imperial Med Student I have been super fortunate to have the opportunity to join the Harvard/Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation and Digital Accelerator Team here in Boston. I was linked up to this placement by researchers at Imperial, and so far it has been fantastic!

I am working as a Digital Health intern looking at how we can use #bigdata to enhance healthcare delivery, especially when related to infectious diseases and health inequalities. I have also been looking at the differences in implementation of digital health strategies here in comparison to the UK. The team here are so incredibly welcoming and the discussions we have had have already taught me so much.

Already, we have held phone calls linking the teams from my department to back with the faculty at Imperial Med School to see how we can share our learnings from this placement (especially re: data in their health research).

The opportunities given to us at Imperial are honestly superb, and this funded placement to Harvard has been the most incredible way to end medical school. More to come, but for now here are a few pictures from my first week!

Mala Mawkin at Harvard Medical School


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