My Imperial Application

Like a lot of imperial applicants, I applied around October, with a cheesy personal statement. Yes, cheesy, I still look back at it now and couldn’t resist a giggle here and there. But hey, it got me here. I remembered, when I was writing it I thought, how would anyone expect a 16 y.o. to know what they want to do for the rest of their life. In that moment, I stopped and wrote not what I thought would get me in, but I wrote what makes me who I am today.

After I applied, to the 5 university choices, I waited. The waiting is excruciating, I swear it was like waiting for a radioactive detector to beep. But then the interviews, the offers started coming. One at a time, I started to relax a little bit here and there. When I got an interview (recruitment day) invitation from Imperial, I went and read the email a few hundred times to make sure it was legit.

Imperial was not my first choice. I was settled on the idea that I’d go to Sydney Uni in Australia, personal connection and all. I know you’re thinking, isn’t Imperial an obvious choice? But university ranking was barely a factor to my uni choices. I wanted to go somewhere that makes me happy, and not severely depressed.

Okay so, what happened on the recruitment day that changed my mind. To be honest, it was the whole experience that made me fell in love with Imperial. The day started with a group activity, it was so out of the ordinary, but in a good way. Then we did like a short test, and the current students showed us around the building. I walked into the study area where there’s a view to the structure labs, I was in awed (p.s. I still have the picture from that day). For the first time, I didn’t feel like an applicants trying to get in, I felt like I belonged here and this is where I end up.

Waiting, another waiting. So much waiting, I feel like a dog waiting to be fed. But then the offer came, I was so filled with joy, I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day, I called my family straight away. I was still more excited than them though. Okay, I feel like it gets boring from here. So basically, I got the grades, I got in, now I’m at Imperial. See I make it sound so easy.

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