New Year, Same Me?

London → Cardiff

Being at home away from the busy life of London has given me time to reflect on my fourth term at Imperial. It was a really hectic term that ended on a high with a great firms placement. If you don’t know what I’m talking about click here where I share my thoughts on being on the hospital wards for the first time. My holiday consisted of me generally relaxing (watching a lot of Netflix), spending time with family and drinking various Christmas flavoured hot chocolate. I’m back in London now feeling somewhat relaxed and ready to get back in to the swing of a new academic term.

New Year, Same Me?

Ahh 2019. Those who know me already know just how much I love New Years. The fireworks, the celebrations all the excitement for a fresh new start. I know, I know. It’s technically just another regular day but nonetheless it gives me an excellent opportunity to buy a new planner and write a bunch of resolutions that I probably won’t stick to.

We’ve all been there done that. You know, taken time to write a painstakingly specific, and at times unrealistic, list of New Years resolutions. As I’m nearing my 20th birthday I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourites that have featured on numerous lists during my teenage years. Revise consistently throughout the academic year. Exercise every evening. Always make my lunch the night before. I really could go on, but this isn’t the point of this post. So then, what is the point you ask?

Making Better Bad Decisions

If you’ve decided that the heartbreak that comes with not achieving all your New Years Resolutions is simply just too much to take, you might want to read on before you abandon all hopes of trying to better yourself this new year. I’m going to make better bad decisions and if you’re so inclined this may also benefit you. It’s essentially the easy way out. Instead of never buying a hot chocolate again, I’ll just buy them less often. I’m still making a “bad” choice, but surely a less frequent bad decision > a more frequent one. That’s my logic anyway.

What am I up to this term?

I thought you’d never ask. I’m on the ICSM RAG Fashion Show 2019 Committee! #YKMN. The event is scheduled for the 12th March and it’s one NOT to miss. Guaranteed great time, amazing clothes and loads of money to be raised for our amazing charities. I’m also looking into some internships that I think would be really beneficial for me. I’ve always found shadowing doctors really interesting and fingers crossed that’s what I’ll be doing outside of university time.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years and wish you all the best for 2019!





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