Surviving the first term

 – 8 things that have gotten me through my first term

After ten weeks of lectures, problem sheets, weekly tests and repeat, with the odd excitement of computing coursework, I am wondering how I made it through this term without getting too exhausted of the cycle! As much as I love the struggle of finding “the largest number of chicken nuggets it is impossible to buy, when they come in boxes of 6,9 and 20” (real question!!), sometimes you do find yourself drowning in work and you need a break, to relax and clear your mind in order to improve your focus for when you do sit down to work again. Of course napping, cooking and even doing laundry have become some of my usual break time activities (perhaps even occasionally procrastination), however there have been some particularly exciting things that have given me a boost, carrying me through the term, and giving me something to look forward to. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. Freshers week went by so so fast, it was so much more than just many late nights out. With mingles and club nights, two formal balls, and a boat party, there wasn’t a moment to do anything but have fun. A part of the freshers experience is of course signing up to an ambitious number of societies, only to come to terms to with the concept of time and have to unsubscribe from mailing lists to prevent 100s of emails building up in your inbox. All in all, freshers week got the year off to a fabulous start, leaving me with new friends, a nocturnal sleeping pattern and a new appreciation for coffee.


2. Free food. I mean there is only one thing better than food and that’s free food! Of course attending those optional lectures or late night events is thoroughly beneficial, however a free slice of pizza or two definitely makes it 10 times better.

3. Netball has always been a sport that I have enjoyed playing and even more so here at Imperial. The few hours in the fresh air during training, along with some healthy competition at matches, is a great break from my work, that leaves me feeling strangely energised and upbeat!

4. On bonfire night, for the student-friendly price of £0.00, my friends and I headed towards Chelsea Bridge to watch the Battersea Park fireworks, some of the best in London. Despite the crowds, we got some wonderful views and all without having to pay! (If you plan on doing this next year, I suggest wrapping up warm and getting there early to get a good spot)

Snow leopards at Sports Night

5. Mid-week treats come in the form of sports nights. Grab your teammates, a drink and maybe even a costume like at last weeks Noah’s ark themed ACC sports night! Wednesday nights certainly live up to their expectations. So glad I don’t have a 9am on a Thursday!

6. Walks around London. Although I have lived in London my whole life, I have definitely enjoyed seeing London in a new light through showing some of my flat mates around. I guess living here makes you take London for granted slightly but the city has so much to offer and the best way to see everything is by walking around.

Homemade costumes

7. Halloween this year really involved me getting creative (not one of my fortes), not only did I volunteer to carve my corridor’s pumpkin, but we also took it upon ourselves to make our own halloween costumes. All that said, our pumpkin became an oddly shaped cat with a hair scrunchy for a tail. But I can safely say our halloween costumes were a much greater success, as we were recognisably Pacman and the 4 ghosts, although the sewing of paper to fabric did not last too far into the night!

8. The Union’s curly fries. This is no joke, after a long day, when your fridge is emptier than your stomach, there is a certain amount of comfort in knowing that the Union’s £1.80 curly fries can always save the day.

Though honestly the best thing about this term has been making new friends, in halls, on my course and through societies. It’s great knowing there’s always someone there, whether it’s for a trip to the library, “borrowing” some food or just for a laugh.

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