Imperial celebrate their students… with champagne!

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I have some really exciting news- I found out that I am graduating my intercalated BSc in Global Health with a 2.1! I am so relieved and happy! I am now a few weeks into 5th year (yeah don’t ask…we only got 4 weeks of summer).

So with graduation in mind I thought it would be quite timely to discuss how Imperial celebrates its students here…

The medics have our own bits and bobs- we have arts dinner and a sports dinner where we award club of the year/team of the year. Netball won club of the year this year which is so cool! Additionally the medics have our own colours ceremony- where we thank the leaving final years for their dedication to Imperial College School of Medicine. Loads get nominated for colours but only a few can get them every year- it really is an honour. And for anyone that goes above and beyond they may even be awarded an Outstanding Service Award or Fellowship (oooooh!).

I was lucky enough to be able to go to a couple more university wide awards this year which were SO much fun. Imperial really does know how to throw a party.

Sports Awards

The Imperial Sports Awards were held by Sport Imperial on May 11th 2017. It was held in a marquee in the middle of our campus- ideal. We had a Medics Table (quite loud), and had such a blast of a time with Mike Tindall as guest speaker. Medics brought in Club of the Year here too (Netball woo) and we also had Outstanding Contribution to Sports winner being a medic. Go us! Food was delicious and Imperial really knew how to put on a show!

Union Awards

We went in force down to the union building in South Kensington and had a great night. Here, lots of medics picked up Imperial wide colours, and also we picked up a couple of awards for our student activities. Then the Imperial Union laid on a champagne reception for us…a great night!

So all in all Imperial and the unions here LOVE celebrating student achievement and voluntary work. And in return us students really enjoy celebrating staff achievements back- nominating our teachers for teaching awards etc. It is such a lovely environment that makes sure that hard work and dedication is always praised. Not only do you get to join clubs and societies here that you love, but you also get awarded for when you go above and beyond to make sure other students can make the most out of those opportunities too! It’s awesome here.

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