Hooray! For it’s International Women in Engineering Day!

So it’s International Women in Engineering Day this Friday!

I’m glad of the existence of such a remarkable day!

For it’s a day that appreciates the women in this field

One that inspires girls to use the mind they wield

Let me introduce you to my best friends

Whom which I would stick with until the world ends

Introducing the craziest women in engineering I know

We are the four girls in EIE and you’re probably like “whoa?!”

Zoë is in a deep-seated relationship with mathematics…

Seriously she’s interested if it’s got anything to do with quadratics except when she’s busy with Acrobatics

Belen is the human embodiment of robotics and totally into electronics.

Her love for memes is in her bloodstream and her taste in music is not mainstream.

Mireya enjoys programming projects because when it comes to  retrospect, she settles for nothing short of perfect. 

Oh, and her love for software directly translates to her footwear!

And me? When I’m not tangled in EIE’s figurative wires I like to write everything that transpires

Four amazing girls in EIE, not in it just for the DEGREE

I hope this post inspires you to ASPIRE and DESIRE

Pushes you to ignite the FIRE

And ensures your dreams don’t EXPIRE

Just because you’re currently a beginner, doesn’t mean you can’t be a Nobel prize winner, or an engineer at the frontier.

International Women in Engineering day reminds us of all the amazing women out there!

I say, let’s keep going and ensure our generation of women leave our signature in the world of science, with each other for their guidance.

We are empowered and supported more than ever before. To any and every girl out there who’s geeky, artistic, nerdy, creative, innovative or just being yourself…

This is the century to act on your capabilities and achieve! So don’t be deceived, go out there and believe.

75% of the EIE2 girls 🙂

Happy International Women in Engineering day!




6 comments for “Hooray! For it’s International Women in Engineering Day!

  1. Hi I really enjoyed your blog and I just wanted to ask when you when you were applying how did you show you were passionate about EIE and in the interview do they ask you difficult questions.

    Thank you

    1. Hey Elias,

      I think its important to show you have explored different things outside related to EIE (Electronics/ Programming) in your own free time unrelated to school work. Programming projects you have done just out of sheer interest or perhaps teaching people coding etc. They want to see that its a part of you and your lifestyle thereby your passion. Think about ways that are not academic related per say and run with it.

      In terms of the interview, it’s basically as they usually say to judge how you think, and come to decisions and your analytical skills. So no, not difficult just challenging as there will not be 1 answer always. Just ensure to verbally communicate your every thought (logical and smart 🙂 ) during the interview.

      Hope this helps!

      Feel free to ask a question if you still have some, I know getting info about EIE is difficult enough!


  2. Hey!
    I really like your blog and it makes me excited about the prospects at Imperial. I am an international student and have a conditional offer to study undergraduate EEE. I was wondering what kind of scholarships the department offers to first years or to students in the following years. Could you please guide me?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sehar 🙂
      Sorry for the late reply!! I’m glad you’re excited about the prospects at imperial it really is a great place to study especially if your passionate about the sciences and engineering!

      Sure, the first place I looked was here : https://www.imperial.ac.uk/study/pg/fees-and-funding/scholarships/scholarships-search-tool/
      the scholarship search tool to see what scholarships you would be eligible to apply for as a 1st year or in coming years!

      Hope this helps,

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