Decided to do Research Abroad Program in Switzerland next year

So after much deliberation, I’ve decided to do a research abroad program next year

(If I achieve 2:1 and above).

This is known as the ERASMUS & Swiss-EU Mobility Program.

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Why do I want to do this?

1 – I enjoy studying and living at different cultural environments.

2 – I can spend an entire term, working (not shadowing) in a host research lab of my choice.

You don’t have that kind of opportunity as an undergraduate,

unless you do an industry placement program.

(But that’s the story for another day…)

3 – I want to take this extra time to better plan my future career.

(i.e. Am I genuinely passionate for research? I do enjoy research atm.)

4 – To practice my German as I’m mostly likely to go to ETH Zurich.

What do you do at that year?

1 – It depends on the host university and your learning agreement.

2 – My learning agreement: 2 terms in 1 academic year.

3 – 1 term full-time lectures & 1 term full-time research.

4 – Take exams for taught modules & Conduct a research report.

5 – Enjoy the exotic land 🙂

How much does it cost?

 1 – Overseas student pays 15% of normal tuition fee to Imperial.

2 – Home pays a heavily reduced fee/Not sure for EU due to Brexit.

(But most likely the same as Home students.)

3 – Living costs depend on your destination university location.

What destination University choices do you have?

1 – It depends on the collaboration your department has with other unis.

2 – For Biology/Biochemistry students,

the choices are mostly European countries.

3 – You will need to speak the language being used in that destination country

What do you need prepare now?

1 – If you want to have this experience, start learning a foreign language now.

2 – If you are about to enter uni, don’t worry. We have Horizons.

3 – Free Horizons language courses prepare you for research abroad.

4 – Work hard at uni and make sure you maintain 2:1 and above.

5 – Talk with people who did the program before for their experience.

Any more questions?

Leave a comment. 

I can’t promise I’ll reply promptly but will reply ASAP.

Until next time, bye 😀

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