Medical Interning at the European Astronaut Centre: My Intercalated BSc Project has begun!

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I am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities that Imperial gives you here. One of the best to date has been the intercalated BSc project. In 4th year we take a year out of medicine to do a BSc, and delve into a topic in depth. I have been doing Global Health, and finished my 3x 3hour exams in the last week of Feb. From March-May we now have time to complete out “dissertation” for our BSc, and my project is working with flight surgeons (space doctors) in Cologne at the European Astronaut Centre.

I am so grateful Imperial have supported me in my move out, and honestly my first week has been incredible. I have been quite homesick but I have loved every day here so far. What a dream come true. There is even another Imperial student from engineering department here.

The doctors and scientists here are really knowledgeable. There are about 120 people in the European Astronaut Centre, and 20 or so are interns. The people that work here looking after the health of astronauts and the future of space travel are just amazing to learn off, and you never go an hour or so without a really interesting conversation. Everyone here is from such a diverse array of backgrounds too- which is awesome. I have said it in a previous post but please do consider taking an intercalated degree and if you can try and organise your own project in something you love.

People are working on all types of things here; looking at growing plants in lunar soil, exercising in zero gravity, habitats for space… and my project is on looking at changes in glucose tolerance in astronauts.

Studying Medicine at Imperial can take you down some really cool paths…

European Astronaut Centre!

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  1. Sounds amazing! Are there other places to study abroad in your 4th year in Medicine? And does it depend on the area you have chosen? I’ve heard Singapore was once an option?!

    1. Yeah definitely there are so many options to go away- people in my year are in Tokyo, Canada, America…People have organised their own projects too like I did and gone all over the place. We also have people on the Global Health going places like Bangladesh etc! Really cool! Global health you have a bit more scope to go to developing countries, but you can go abroad on any course! I think indeed you can go Singapore!

      1. Wow thank you for the helpful reply!! Is there a place on the imperial website to get more information about this all? Another question: When will 5th year start for you?

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