A New Found Relationship: YOU and IMPERIAL

Imperial is like dating.

Initially, it’s a great new experience you are totally infatuated with it! You can’t believe out of all the other schools out there, Imperial decided to reciprocate the feelings you had when you applied!

So you decided to take the leap of faith and move from home to live in halls and be a FRESHER!

Ohh! You are so excited about this!

Most people call this stage the HONEYMOON phase but we’ll just call it AUTUMN TERM. And just like those midnight messages you cherish with you and bae nothing will feel more amazing than walking around campus with that red lanyard you receive during your 1st week.. like its some kind of trophy or proof of your genius! 🙂 Really, you’ll love it!

Now like any relationship, You and Imperial will get really comfortable. You know that time when you start wearing PJs when your hanging out together? And girls.. the time when you’re no longer bothered about whether he sees you with makeup of not? Well, this is the time you’ll just love staying up late spending quality time studying at the central library, this will be the time when you’ll know all the best places to eat on campus the time the you’ll probably get really involved in your societies and hobbies! (You should really be doing these activities in 1st year while you still have the time 🙂 ) This will be the time when your friendships get stronger and you start thinking about who might live with in 2nd year! Yeah, the year really flys by!

Like any new experience the shine might start to wear off and argument might arise, it’s only natural. Imperial will start asking you to get better time management skills to keep up with everything, to get better organisational skills to manage the workload. You know unreasonable things 😀 and you might not be ready as a FRESHER to keep to those terms so you’ll decide to go out and enjoy london and expect Imperial to understand. This is the stage in the relationships when its all about compromise but neither party wants to. If you know anything about a relationships you know a BREAK UP may be coming or not… what happens between and You and Imperial?

That’s a story for another time 😉

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