What to Expect: Starting Medical School

It’s not long until term starts again, so I thought I would write a couple of posts for the new freshers to prepare you about what to expect during your first few weeks and months. It is a daunting and exciting time, so relax and enjoy it and remember if we all made it then you can too!DeathtoStock_Wired7

What to expect:

  • To be behind on work– no matter how hard you try, how organised you are or how much stationary you buy from the Union shop you will never be on top of lectures. Learn to ‘park’ things (but not too much, you do need to do some work too!).
  • To have ups and downs– it’s a huge transition and gets the better of the best of students- learn how to relax and where to turn for some help. The student counseling service can be brilliant.
  • To feel out of your depth– everyone feels like this, but few people are honest about it
  • To be persuaded to buy lots of books that you will never read– this is hard to avoid. It’s worth chatting to older years to work out which are essential, borrowing from the library, buying second hand (although check the edition!) or using the library ebooks (these are invaluable).
  • To be a small fish in a big pond– everyone goes on about this and no-one believes them… until it happens.
  • To make lots of friends and not remember anyone’s name– it’s worth asking early, it gets a bit awkward after Christmas!
  • To get lost– don’t be afraid to use the maps around campus (they are there for a reason!)
  • To have LOTS of social events– it’s tiring to go to them all, but my advice would be don’t miss any boat parties- they are very special!
  • To dress up lots– nearly every med school event involves dressing up: Bops, boat party, freshers ball, RAG invasion…. So bring your fancy dress box and a tux/smart dress

University is a huge change. Most people love it, but if you do hate it- you are not alone and it does get better. Now I’m starting to sound like my mum so I shall stop writing…

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