Elective: They think it’s all over…

Hello! Sorry it has been a while since we last posted- Internet has been very limited in Rushere as the shops had run out of data for our network, and we had spent too much of our data spending money on cups of tea and accidently ringing up the talking clock!

We are now in Entebbe- the town by the airport relaxing before we fly tomorrow afternoon. It is a luxury to be here after the last few weeks – we even have a fan, a TV and fast wifi!

The last couple of weeks at Rushere have been busy. We have enjoyed helping with more theatre cases- one week we had nearly one caesarean and one gynaecological operation a day, which is a lot here- it got to the point where we had nearly run out of clean instruments!Picture18

I particularly enjoyed more outreach trips out into remote villages in the bush. My husband Sam was relieved to see me return safely after one of the midwives suggested leaving me out there to see how he would react!! Another highlight was helping a lady deliver on the grass area in the middle of the hospital as she couldn’t make it to maternity in time- fortunately she had brought a midwife with her!

We have also enjoyed getting to know the staff better particularly the doctor on call. His family recently came to visit and we enjoyed spending time with them. It was sad to leave our friends of the staff at the hospital, but we are most looking forward to seeing our family and friends in the UK!

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