Seven weeks down…

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. We have been having Internet issues. We bought some more data for our modem only to find less than 5 minutes later it had run out (it was to last us a fortnight!)- turns out our Imperial ipad had used all the data to update it’s apps. As a result it is banished to the suitcase!
The last couple of weeks here have been interesting.

Medicine-wise we have spent a lot of time in theatre seeing lots of caesarean sections (done to prevent serious problems, not cosmetic!) and a finger amputation!

On the wards we have helped manage lots of challenging cases of malnutrition which at times has been heartbreaking, as well as lots of paediatric and neonatal cases which has been great revision.Picture16

I have really enjoyed going out on an outreach day-trip to a nearby village this week. I joined a team going to the next village along the road to weigh babies, vaccinate children and do antenatal checks on expectant mothers. It was an experience, with a squeeze to get there in the hospital vehicle, equipment strapped to the roof, nearly getting stuck in potholes on the way and stopping to pick blueberries on the way back! It was however a huge privilege to visit rural villages and provide healthcare free of charge.Picture17

We have had many trauma cases recently which, as well as convincing us to never go on a boda boda here at night, have also shown us the radiology department. The hospital is fortunate to have a x-ray machine, which was an old one brought over from the UK many years ago. Once they have been taken they are developed in a dark room (which is very dark as the light doesn’t work) and then rinsed and hung on a barbed wire line outside to dry. To interpret them you can use the official light box in radiology or just hold them up to the sun!


In other news last weekend we visited a local cultural museum. We learned about the history of the tribes in this area, as well as seeing houses they would have lived in and items they would have used. We realised these are still very similar today.

Fortunately the museum also has a great restaurant so we got our fill of coffee and pizza!

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