Less than one week left…

That’s doable, right?

Let’s see a quick update on exams:

1. Mastery. They said they will email us if we failed by the end of today. And they will not email us if we passed. It’s currently 19:03 and I haven’t got any email yet. Yet. Yet. Yet.

2. Properties of Matter. I actually studied quite a lot for this one, I did all the past papers and stuff. And I always had the exact same mistake in them. And of course there was a question on this topic in the exam. And of course I keep thinking about if I wrote the correct answer or not. (I crossed it out 3 times). Ahhh…

3. Fluid Mechanics + Heat & Mass Transfer. This is a combined 50-50 exam. Thank God. Fluid saved the day, I think I did ok on that one. HMT? Probably close to zero… (I don’t think the lecturer will appreciate that whenever I couldn’t solve an equation I just wrote a small essay about how would I continue the problem “but since I couldn’t derive this equation, I can’t give the actual numerical answers”. But at least my paper wasn’t empty. That’s something…)

4. Maths. It was actually easier than I expected, so I probably passed. But that feeling, when you are super nervous, and exam, and 3 hours, and 20% of the year, and then there is an equation like this: 5y = 6 + 10 (x-8) and you are like “What is x? What is x????? WHAT IS X????” And then “ohh whatever, let’s do it step by step…” Ahh well, good old exam conditions, when you use the calculator even for 1+1…

5. Chemistry. Let’s just say, I failed this one. I don’t want to go into details, I failed it. Resits in September, plenty of time in the summer to memorise that stupid differential method……………..

6. Separation Processes. This worths the least out of all the exams, this is only 1.5hrs, sounds easy, right? Well, I did 3 past papers. And they were “doable”. Then I opened the exam paper today, and looked at the question, and my first thought was “WHERE ARE THE NUMBERS???” Separations is usually about using process specifications to calculate other variables based on given equations. And drawing some fancy McCabe-Thiele diagrams. But not this time, noooo… This year, it was “Derive this” and “Derive that” and “Show that if you derive this out of that derivation, then you can also derive this, and combining all, the final derivation will only d(e)rive you a little bit crazy”…


So, only Thermo (in 2 days) and Process (in 6 days) are left now.

You can do it, Dora.

You can do it…


(Ahh yes, you could ask how I have time to blog… Well, it’s called “procrastination” 😀 )

2 comments for “Less than one week left…

  1. Jonny says:

    Good luck with your last two exams Dora! I’m sure you’ll do fine. 🙂

  1. Dora says:

    Thank you 🙂


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