About exams. Honestly.

Well, first of all, they’re difficult. Especially if you had no “revision strategy” at all, and you have a tendency for procrastination. Like me. They’re also difficult, because this is Imperial. And you know, it’s the best uni in the world… So let me tell you a few things about exams…

1. You can get used to sleeping on the tube. That precious 30 mins can’t be wasted, so you need to use it the best you can: put on sunglasses, sit on the end seat and relax. Don’t forget to display your ID card (or at least some Imperial badges) so people don’t think you were partying yesterday…

2. There is this urban legend about “taking a 20-min nap makes you more productive”. Well, I tried… I was about to fall asleep between two maths problem sheets yesterday, so I thought “why not try this”. I looked at my bed: full of opened folders, papers piled up everywhere, all sorts of data sheets and tables. Then I looked at my desk: laptop, maths problem sheet, refill pad, thousands of identical pens, post-its, a massive maths textbook… And I realised I can’t put the stuff on my desk onto my bed or vice versa, because they’re both full. So I chose the easiest option: putting my pillow on the floor… It worked! 🙂

3. Revision lectures are… supposed to be useful. And most of the time they are, but when you live in Woodward and it takes more time to just get to the lecture than the lecture itself, it’s just… AHH

4. The guys in Subway will learn your name. The guys in Domino’s will at least consistently misspell it the same way. But when it says “limited edition” in Burger King and you already had 3 of it, well, it’s time to think about your eating habits…

5. You want to cry. But you don’t have time for it…

6. You have 2 new best friends: Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. (Disclaimer: Taking medicine on a daily basis is definitely wrong! But having a 2-day headache nearly every week and having a terribly weak hand which basically needs to be constantly covered in Ibuprofen gel just to be able to move it, it’s even worse…)

7. You haven’t seen your flatmates in a month. Or two.

8. Your conversation with your friends looks something like this:

– How did you get pi/2 on the maths problem sheet 8 / question 7 / iii / b?

– Have you done the 2014 POM past paper? Do you think we will get something similar or more like the 2012?

– Why is heat&mass so bloody difficult????

– Hahahahahahaha I just managed to round 4.6508*10^-26 to 4.661…

– Do you know how to calculate the integral of (cos(x))^3? I don’t understand the Wolfram Alpha explanation… [To which my sister answered: don’t do maths at 22:40!!!]

9. Every time someone asks “how is revision” you just stare at the table. And pretend that you are not in this universe.

10. And the most important: the relativity of time has never been this true. You wake up, do 3 problem sheets and 2 past papers and it’s already 10pm. But when you think about when your exams will be over, it’s like they will never end. Seriously. Never. And then you look at your calendar and it says your last exam is in less than 3 weeks. Not that bad, huh? And then you realise you have 6 exams in between. [insert desperately crying emoji here]

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