EUGHH *dies*

Most people seem to be starting their recent blogs with one particular phrase, so I shall follow suit: I’m still alive. Holidays began and things were happening.

Easter Tour happened and we paddled some rivers faffed around in France with canoe club, but this will be described in a separate rant.

I also visited my family back home, as most people do. Home being the one in England and not the one that involves flying away. I saw my sister and dog, aka the two best small creatures. My friend also took me to The Hobbit, where many hours of playing Articulate ensued. This was super entertaining and solved my post-tour slum.

Please note the utter lack of the word ‘revision’ in all of this. Mainly because I need to get my stuff together and stop being useless. I have at least started to understand some of the words mentioned in questions. Warning: no, this isn’t because the course is hard. My own laziness shall be my demise.

Sorry for utter lack of content. We should return to regular broadcasting hours shortly. Meanwhile have an image of my current mental state.


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