Rule #32

Hi there!

This past month has been, to say the least, interesting. Nearly everyone has left Woodward hall for the Easter holidays. I find that I need quiet to focus, so I made the call to stay in Woodward during the weekdays, and go home at the weekend, for the sake of the revision I need to do.

What I did not realise is how quiet it would be. For the first couple of weeks, I hardly saw anyone. I usually enjoy a bit of peace and quiet – a bit of my own company and mine alone. However, it seems that I like it as a brief refresher for when everything becomes very loud and busy, like a sorbet between meals, or a glass of milk between bites of a Vindaloo.

So, I decided to follow Rule #32 from the film Zombieland: Enjoy the little things. Namely, ice cream from a lovely parlour in Ealing.


Now, back to revision!

I scream For Ice Cream!
I scream For Ice Cream!

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