Revision. Exams. OMG.

Where should I start?… So here is this 1-month spring break, and your only task is to study-study-study. And you are supposed to be super-motivated, because you are an Imperial student and exams are coming and whatever. Well, let’s see how it is going so far. (Spoiler: terrible…)

The holiday started on the 24th March, Thursday. I decided to give myself a couple of days off after that horrible last two weeks with all those deadlines and rig building. I went home on Friday (Home, as in where my family lives, which is actually 15 mins from Woodward… Seriously, I can almost see their flat from my kitchen) because they have croissant and I don’t. Understandable 🙂

I planned to stay till Monday. But on Friday afternoon, I accidentally started watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. Yes, I said Netflix. Perfect for binge-watching… And despite my continuous efforts to stop watching it and do something useful, I ended up watching the entire series – in 3 and a half days. (And a piece of advice from a serious binge-watcher: do NOT start ongoing series. Never. Just don’t.)

So after I successfully wasted the first couple of days, I planned to finally start revising. But my family… so every day when I mentioned I want to go back to Woodward, they turned into these “sales and marketing manager” type and listed all the things they have at home and I don’t have at Woodward: Nutella, croissant, waffles, a fridge full of food, unlimited orange juice and milk… And somehow I stayed till Thursday, when I finally had the strength to overcome the temptation and go back to my little room (where I actually have Nutella now, by the way…).

I even made a wonderful revision planner because I heard it can help the revision… It is carefully constructed based on the contributing percentage of the exam marks towards the final mark and my personal preferences. And how did it work so far? Well, on the first few days, I spent the entire days revising Maths…

Revision planner. Not quite useful but terribly colourful...
Revision planner. Not quite useful but terribly colourful…

Then on the next Tuesday I went home because my mother texted me what’s for lunch, and I just couldn’t say no… And of course, they started the “marketing” all again, so I slept there and came back on Wednesday… Thursday and Friday were more or less good, I did some work (sponsored by caffeine) and I’m slowly getting into the revision-feeling… And I have less then a month till the exams!!!!



<having a massive headache>

<trying not to panic>

<trying to stay motivated>

<but it’s difficult>


<i will definitely fail my exams>

<like seriously><fail><my><exams>

These. Fail. All of them...
These. Fail. All of them…

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