Easter Hols

Greeting dear readers! I’m still alive, although apologies to the Student Bloggers Team for having gone AWOL in recent weeks. The end of term was hectic to say the least! I am currently back home, enjoying some quality time with the family before slogging it back to London to complete my final term at Imperial. It’s only mildly terrifying. So what am I up to with my holidays?

Well I spent Easter weekend in London as I’d signed up to teach Sunday school that week at church. It was super fun to teach the story of Jesus’s resurection to the children at church and we had a great time eating chocolate eggs, making pictures and talking about why the resurection is so exciting for us as Christians. I’d recommend this short video dispelling a few common myths and objections about the death and resurection of Jesus if you’re interested in learning a bit more about why Easter is so exciting!

After Easter weekend, I came home for a few days before heading off to Wales with my church. Every year we go to a conference called Word Alive, where thousands of people from all over the country come to hear Bible teaching, spend time together as church family, go to seminars that deal with different aspects of life and how to live as a Christian in different situations and just have a nice holiday near the beach. The weather was excellent for Wales (read as: chilly but there were no severe weather warnings this year!) and I had a lovely time with friends.

I’m now back at home for a couple of weeks and I’m about to start reading for my dissertation. I’m excited to get underway and move on to job applications and other fun adult things, but it’s also rather intimidating to know that I’m about to leave the cosy, oblivious bubble that is academia at Imperial. Stay tuned as I venture in to the adult world for the first time and try not to have too many mental breakdowns!

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