Challenge of the week: Resting

Living in London is busy. Studying at Imperial is manic. Resting does not come easily.

This week I found myself challenged to rest. Everyone works better when they take breaks as well as study, but I have recently found that this is easier said than done! I find it takes a lot of confidence to be able to take a good break without worrying about work. This is particularly true in the run up to exams.

Everywhere I seem to look people are working. I try to be disciplined and take breaks, but find it hard to relax. I start thinking about work, worrying about things I need to do or I simply cannot sit still!

Alas, after six years of battling I have still not fully conquered the balance of rest and worry and work. If you feel similar there are many resources at Imperial that can offer a great help. I’m sure this won’t be the last week I am challenged by this, but with each that passes I improve!

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