RAG Week!

Each year at Imperial students organise events around college for ‘RAG’. It took me many years to work out what this was, but it is ‘Raising and Giving’- events organised to raise money for a local charity, picked each year.

Events this year in South Kensington ranged massively again, including bungee jumping from Queens Tower and many cake sales. This year also saw many new, fantastic events from the medical school. As news often takes a while to drift from zone 2 to zone 1, I thought I would bring you all up to speed on some of the best events!

The Auction:

Thursday night of RAG week saw students from all years joining together in the Reynolds Bar for the RAG auction. Local businesses, students and faculty members had all contributed items to be auctioned, and members of the college were invited to bid for these items, all the money raised going to charity.

Donated auction items were fantastic, ranging from high-end items from local businesses to social arrangements with faculty members. For example, some lucky bidders from the night walked away with:

  • Lunch at Nandos with the head of the medical school
  • A baking session and coffee with a faculty member known for her baking skills!
  • Attendance at pre-drinks from well-known faculty members/lecturers
  • A sport prowess from the faculty to join their team
  • Tours of famous Imperial sites, including Fleming’s museum and the Royal Brompton Hospital, by experts from within the faculty
  • Staggering work experience placements with members of faculty who are top in their field
  • Personal tutorials from some of the biggest names in the medical school


Circle Line Day:

Friday of RAG week is traditionally an un-timetabled day for non-clinical years, to allow the medical school to fully embrace the spirit of RAG. This year saw this expand to include a huge range of local volunteering sessions for students.

Students visited places all around the circle line to raise money and support, and give their time to local charities and RAG. This included students helping at charity collections, serving up breakfasts and volunteering at community projects to help the elderly or vulnerable, sorting out donations at charity shops, helping out at homeless shelters, using computer skills to help map some of the poorest areas around the world and many more…


As well as having a great time and making new friends, this year’s med school RAG events have helped locals in our community and raised a huge amount of money for charity! Plus, it’s not over yet… look out for more RAG bake sales, collects and events over the next few months…

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