A page from my calendar

People say ChemEng is a tough course. Let’s see why they might have this impression: here is my calendar for the next 13 days… [And – as everyone always talks about these anyway – I put how much each thing contributes to my grade this year in brackets] May the coffee be with me!

14th March: Mastery sheet 5 [-]

14th March: Lab report (conclusion + evaluation) [2%]

17th March: Rig building design, first part [-]

18th March: Thermodynamics deliverable [0.25%]

22nd March: Properties of Matter project [0.875%]

23rd March: Final rig building design [2%]

23rd March: Business Ethics essay [6%]

23rd March: Complete lab book [2%]

But no matter how many deadlines we have, ChemEng is still the best course!!! <3

Our lovely Department...
Our lovely Department…

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